Mercado de Paz

The Esperanza Center’s annual Mercado de Paz/Peace Market was the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, as it is each year. It’s my favorite holiday sales event – here’s how it’s described (see some photos of the sellers’ wares at the end of the post):

“As an alternative to crowded malls filled with crazed consumers and mass-produced goods, the Esperanza’s Peace Market features unique, handmade gifts and artesania centered around themes of peace, social justice, cultural diversity, and ecological concerns.

Shoppers can wield their economic power by spending their time and money supporting individuals and groups that are fighting for a better world. A diverse array of gifts are offered each year from artists like: Oscar Alvarado, mosaic-tile artist and found-object furniture designer; Veronica Castillo, internationally-renowned ceramic artist from Izucar de Matamoros, Mexico; Martha Prentiss, silversmith and owner of Prentiss Jewelry; Barrio Beat/Alma de la Raza, a company that seeks to carry on Chicana/o culture through community-based business enterprise, and to reflect and include voices of the pueblo in its operations; and Colores del Pueblo (formerly Pueblo to People), a Houston-based nonprofit organization that buys merchandise from over 200 grassroots craft and agricultural co-ops throughout Latin America—paying much better prices than for-profit corporations—and then resells directly to consumers in the U.S., thereby eliminating unfair profit and providing artists in developing countries a larger market for their work.”

New Work

I think I’m finished with a new collage and may even have overworked it a bit, but for the most part it seems to hang together well. There’s a heavily textured background, some images of angels, a tarot card (the Four of Cups), a photo of eggs that I took last year – copper tape and walnut ink – some experimenting but mostly doing what I know. It’s going to go to LaVida Gallery later this week once it’s matted and framed – dark gray mat, I’m thinking, and thin chrome frame. That I can do myself since it’s simple. I’ve already started a similar one – will see where it goes. Making art is so intense and serene at the same time!

Studio Update

Just in time for semester’s end, the studio is becoming a workable space again after all if the construction. It was the “highway” between the driveway and equipment outside and the remodeling on the inside. But with the completion of the new pantry, the freezer has been moved and the freed-up space adds a lot of flat workspace to the room. I even have room to set up my light box. Now if I could magically create some extra time to work, I’d be set! But it’s a comfortable space, deceptively organized and full of possibilities!

Surprise Inclusion

What a nice email I just received from a group of artists on Etsy – check it out and see the other artful pieces.

SUBJECT: Handcrafted E-Reader/Journal Cover – TAPESTRY, listing #57301003 Your beautiful work is here with the Fine Art Friday group – an ongoing treasury effort to promote fine art on Etsy. xVictoria Message sent on November 11, 2010

I Bow to the Goddess of Appliance Art

This is somewhat studio-related, even. As part of the ongoing (and . . . ongoing) half-bath addition next to the studio, the new adjacent pantry/laundry room is taking shape and my washer and dryer were delivered Friday.
I am in love. They are sculptural lipstick red icons, energy efficient, mindful of the environment, strong and beautiful, of epic design. They even sing a little song when their work is done. Who knew such major appliance wonders existed? Not me. Who could ask for anything more?? Not me. Swoon.

Great Article – Thanks to Wandering Educators!

Have you ever been interviewed? I rarely have, but have had the mixed blessing of coming up with some answers about myself and my work over the last few months. If there is such a thing as painful fun (oxymoron?) being interviewed may be just that. But it is worth it to see the results, posted yesterday by Jessie Voigts, honcho at Wandering Educators. Here’s the Artist of the Month link, along with my gratitude for a wonderful introduction and a nifty layout that makes me look good!