Hyatt Show and Display

Yesterday’s show was an interesting one, and I did sell a number of Shards and two shard collage pins. It was primarily a children’s event, however, held in conjunction with a tree lighting and a visit with Santa, complete with real reindeer on the lawn of the Hyatt Resort. Most vendors seemed disappointed that the art show was not the featured event, but more of a walk-through on the way to Santa’s place. But it was fun.

I got an idea for display table pieces that I’ll use when I do another craft show – it’s a folding book, the same model as the Kindle covers, but larger, and with one simple image on it. The image is a photo by Julia Cameron, the 19th century photographer whose work I’m so fond of. The “book” stands up and a rectangular black vase fits inside to hole dried flowers. There’s a small Velcro’d box at the bottom edge for business cards. I can put a magnetic pin on the front. Here’s the idea, and here’s a photo from the show set-up.

Magnetic Adornments

Tonight I finished a dozen new Art-To-Wear shard “magnetic adornments.” A friend saw these yesterday and said,”They are a combination of your collages and your shards!” Yep. I like the idea of the bar magnet on the back that keeps them secure on clothing without making holes. I’m taking them to the Hyatt Resort Art Faire on Friday – we’ll see how they are received. Now, back to the kitchen to cook!

Thanksgiving Dessert

Here’s a wonderful dessert for turkey day – I used Cajeta instead of melted caramels when I made it this morning for tomorrow’s dinner. It’s essentially the same thing, and easier than unwrapping caramels. Local apples make it even better!

Warm Caramel Apple Bread Pudding
1 qt cream
6 eggs
4 oz. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 small loaf of French bread
2-3 Granny Smith apples
1 lb. caramels, melted
Cut bread into cubes and toast. 
Place bread into buttered Pyrex dish, and
alternate layers of caramel and sliced
apples until full.  Mix cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Pour over bread and
apples.  Bake at 325 degrees in a
water bath for an hour, until set. 

Studio Visit

Yesterday, I drove out to the Hill Country to visit a new friend, an artist I had met at last weekend’s Olmos Park Art Faire. She and I hit it off immediately, and I promised to help set up her website. It was a pleasure because her work is varied and complex. She described her studio to me, but nothing prepared me for the place itself. Designed by the Houston architect Cameron Armstrong, the home and workspace is an amazing fusion of metal and organic material. It’s essentially a small compound of three buildings, all of which integrate progressively with the surrounding stone-and-cedar terrain. I can’t wait to go back!

Magnetic Shard Adornment

Something new! I got this idea the night before the craft fair and made one to wear:

 It’s a pin, but not really, because it’s a small collage with a shard face that attaches to a jacket or sweater with a very strong magnet meant for name tags. I got so many comments on it (and offers to buy it) that I decided to make a few more. Check them out – I think I’ll make some for Etsy or my own webpage and sell them for $22 or so. Apparently, wearing the one I have is the best advertising! Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Belisle Sells Out

Yep – today was a sellout at my first “real” neighborhood craft fair. I gave my last Shard face to my hostess as a thank-you for letting me participate. I met so many great people and learned to use my Square software on the iPad to make transactions reliably.
One thing I learned is that set-up and sales in that venue is hard work. There are lots of times one just sits, and then a customer or two come and then more, and the wind picks that moment to blow over your umbrella and scatter your cards. It’s a crazy way to make a living! But it definitely has appeal – and the feedback is priceless.
Here are some photos of my low-tech treeside set-up.

Uptown Art Stroll this Weekend

I haven’t done much of this, but will be participating in a large arts fair called Uptown Art Stroll in the Olmos Park Terrace neighborhood. My friend, knitter and weaver Kathleen Messina, has invited me to share her space. I’ll be taking Scent Shards and cover examples. Here’s a map that shows how extensive a “stroll” it will be. Fortunately for art lovers, there’s going to be a trolley, food booths and music to make strolling more fun.