Shard Necklace – why do I procrastinate?

I’m sure Haley’s ADD runs in the family – it’s so hard for me to sit down and bead shard necklaces. I love the way they look and feel, and I have a bunch of request for them, but stringing beads is like pulling teeth for me. Some people might find it relaxing – not me. I did complete one last night for a friend, Barbara. Here it is, and I do love it. But, dang, that’s a lot of beads!

Haley speaks out for kids with ADD

Grandson Haley was featured on last night’s local news with an inspiring message for other kids with learning disabilities: “You can do it!”. Hopefully, his encouragement will keep teens with learning difficulties channeling their talents in creative directions and away from the “other” kind of nightly news. I am so proud of him and predict his career as an author will be just as successful and meaningful as his father’s.