Art Show Deadline Met – whew!

 New Work
These three pieces are for submission tomorrow to the juried San Antonio Art League Exhibit, and I just this minute finished the framing. They are different in media if not in style from much of my previous work – all three pieces are on stretched canvas. The triptych (top), “San Fernando,” measures 40″ by 15″ and is made of cast paper and earthenware on canvas. The second piece (middle), a diptych called “Hatchlings,” is a combination of my photographs, collage elements and acrylics. It measures 15″x27.” The last piece (bottom) is paper collage on canvas and measures 22″x24″ and is titled “Leda’s Dream.”

Art of Display

I needed a way to display my Shard pin collages to make them look like works of art as well as personal adornment, so here’s the first idea: I used a Lucite picture frame from Michael’s, the kind that stands on its own. It has a second layer folded over the back to hold a photo, but that made it too thick to hold the magnet, so I snapped that layer off. It breaks very cleanly, thank goodness. Then I crafted a paper “sleeve frame” from good drawing paper with a circular cut-out – easier to show than to describe! See the photos:

Open Studio Afternoon

The studio was open for visitors, but the action was in the living room where my friend Jan and I set up our work – it was a cold gray day, but brave friends came out to eat and visit and shop. It’s such a good, low-pressure way to share and sell art. Jan and I both did well. Her work is gorgeous, especially her metal clay creations. Surprises for me were the pins and the little cards, which sold out quickly – lots of scent shards sold as well, so the event was successful on all levels. Here are a few photos – my house *almost* looks like a real gallery! Jan and I are planning another sale in April – hooray! I may be recovered by then.

Open Studio – Yikes

Sometimes you have to go with your instincts, and I had a strong nudge from that good old inner voice to have an open studio this Sunday. After all, we’re in the doldrums of winter, it’s almost Valentines Day, and I needed a reason to get going with some new art. Also, the new cards I’ve been working on would be perfect small gifts. I invited my friend Jan Longfellow, a wonderful glass designer and jeweler, to join me. It should be informal and fun – hope people show up!

Marshall Arisman

In a roundabout way, I found an artist whose work I really find fascinating and influential, especially for his idea of layers and power based on his interpretation of cave drawings. His name is Marshall Arisman – I’d seen his work for years without knowing his name. You will probably recognize images when you visit his website. This is from his Divine Elvis series:

Here’ a short video explaining why Arisman thinks shamanic artists painted over others’ work on the walls of caves even thought that notion is generally regarded as taboo. It’s thought-provoking, as are his paintings. And . . he encourages other artists to steal techniques from him and anybody else, and make them their own. I like that.