The Guardians

Here are three new small constructions that I have just completed. I really like them. As with anything new, they seem a little undefined/refined, but the idea of a mythical guardian who helps us choose our lifepath has always resonated with me as it has in many other cultures. Here are the first three pieces. They are made of fired clay, paper, wood and gold leaf on stretched canvas. Each piece measures 12×12 inches, the titles are beneath the photographs.

 The Guardian of Gates
The Guardian of Bridges
The Guardian of Inner Journeys

Wonderful Workshop – Thanks, Everyone!

The first Sunday Studio workshop was a huge success – I was amazed at the beautiful work the attendees created – each one striking, each one different, each one well-crafted and thoughtful. Personally, I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to do it again on June 17th. See the video of the afternoon, below. If you would like to know more about the workshops, visit my workshop page or email me to schedule a special session for your own group.

Ann Pearce Upscales the Lowly Shard

My friend Ann Pearce, amazing bead-woman and jewelry designer, called this morning, inviting me to her shop to see what she’d done with some shards she’d gotten from me. To say that I was blown away is an understatement. She’d transformed the little faces into Crown Jewels with her artistry.

She matched beads – copper, blue, crystal – to the finishes on the faces, truly elevating them to special one-of-a-kind pieces. I told her that I was temped to purchase them! Here are some photos I took at her shop this morning. Visit her if you want to see more. Her bead selection is amazing and she will help you select or put together real treasures.

Thanks for making me look good, Ann! I wish my photos did justice to the depth and shine of your gorgeous work.

Look at the matching earrings!

The one one the right is strung on lavender iridescent leather cording

Silk and Twigs

Two new pieces for the La Vida show, both started with a photocollage image printed on silk and adhered to stretched canvas. I wanted to give a feeling of constraint and longing to the images so I drilled holes in the frame sides and created a loose construction of twigs – artistic “burglar bars?” I like the effect and will probably explore this idea a bit more. Come to the show and see:

Passing Strange 
Mixed Media (Twigs, silk, walnut ink) 

Shutter Speed 
Mixed Media (Twigs, silk, walnut ink) 


These little books are perfect for experimenting – I’m working on several to take to Kathleen Sommers‘ shop on Tuesday. I start with a small (5×5) pre-bound journal and create a collage on the cover. This particular one, finished tonight, really mixes the media and metaphors – Peruvian textile photo, Japanese Noh mask, African beads, clay face shard. But somehow it all seems to work.

Kathleen Sommers and Shards

Kathleen Sommers, the best-known upscale clothing boutique in the city, had a call-out invitation for artists and designers to bring in their work for possible inclusion at the shop. I took some Scent Shards, some pins and some day books (see below). They really liked the work! Kathleen bought a piece for herself and then ordered some Scent Shards immediately and will be selling the day books in this fall. Best of all, I’ve been invited to participate in a five-artist exhibit and sale there in September. I am so excited!! Scent Shards are movin’ on up to the top 🙂