Saying Goodby to Creations

Yesterday was pickup day at La Vida Gallery – I brought home a couple of large pieces that were not sold at my show and six pieces that were. Friends had asked if I would pick up their purchases. They’re wrapped and ready to go – sigh, it’s harder than I thought now that they are back in my hands. But at least I can visit them!

Transplendent Collage

That’s the name and theme I’ve decided on for a workshop I’m giving to a group of teachers in August – we will uses transparent media and discuss transcendent ideas take the ordinary object to the extraordinary by juxtaposing it with the creative and unexpected.
Included in this would be

  • Transparency and layers
  • Time travel combinations
  • Juxtaposed metaphors
  • Transformations
  • Morphs
I think that’s what I tried to do with this series in the La Vida show.

“I feel transcendant and splendid. I feel transplendant.”
from the akaruihito blog, 2006


Summer Workshop Videos –

These workshop have been so much fun – yesterday was the last one until August 19th when I’ll offer a two-part workshop with Ann Pearce – I’ll post the brochure here in a few days, but other classes will include Collage on Canvas and and Card and Votive workshop – stay tuned!

From Sunday, June 24th

From Sunday, June 17th

Adornments and Such

I was making some face shards for Ann Pearce’s jewelry designs yesterday and decided to try some little flat clay pendants. They remind me of game tiles or little ancient book covers. Here are three of them, just out of the kiln this morning – I’m still experimenting, but so far I like them and can also see them as part of my mixed media paper and earthenware collages. The one on the far right has gold leaf added. The others are finished with walnut ink and iridescent mica powder.

Coals to Newcastle?

I stopped by Ann Pearce’s jewelry shop to deliver some little shard faces and I was wowed by what she had done with the shard face in this necklace. I didn’t have the iridescent leather, the beads or any of the other things that (besides the face I had made) gave it such special appeal. So I bought it! Actually, I traded it for more faces. When I wear it, I get tons of compliments and questions. Malcolm, the trainer at the gym next door to Ann’s, saw it and said “That brother has a lot on his soul.”  Ann gets the credit for the design, but the face with the soul started out in my studio. Thanks, Ann, for elevating these little guys to such a fine status!

Art Pix

Here are a few shots from galleries I visit on my trip to DC/Rehoboth. I photographed the works for various reasons, not to emulate but to swipe one or two ideas that I liked a lot. Can you guess what I liked about each one? Can you guess which one is food? The most amazing show I saw was called Ghost Factories by JS Adams at the WardEllinger Gallery.
Here are the pics – none of Adams’ work cause I was just to entranced looking at the work itself – inkjet prints on shellacked manilla paper.

So much to steal, so little time

After five days in DC and Rehoboth Beach, my swag bag of ideas is full, and I can’t wait to get back to the studio. Some of the stash:
Raku bugs on clay rattles
Frameless framing
Shellacked manilla paper with inkjet prints
Multi minicanvas construction ….and doubtless many more from today’s National Building Museum visit.
I’ve read two amazing books on this trip – Steal Like an Artist and I’d Rather Be in the Studio.Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative
I'd Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion

The first is about making ideas your own by building on the timeless collaborative community of artists everywhere, and the second is on getting the word out about your art for the best reasons.
Stay tuned for the results of my insipratons – I’m ready to get back home and get to work.