A little gift for you

Thanks to everyone who subscribes to my blog, Shards – I designed some holiday gift tags for you. You can print them out and cut them apart and fold them – they make even a brown bag look pretty. These are some of the same images I use on my own tags – thanks to my friend Maria for many of them.

Access you gift tags here – print them on card stock if you can. There are three different designs, six cards on each sheet. I hope you like them, and happy holidays!



Quick post – new paper source

I  always like to share new sources, especially for artisan paper. Here’s the latest one I’ve found, and the prices and selection look great. I’ll do a small order and report back. Their clearance section is amazing.

Creative Papers Online

Examples from Creative Papers Online

Also, any time anyone wants to order with me for a quantity discount on art suppllies, let me know and we’ll see what we can put together!

Thank you, Steve Bennett

San Antonio Express-News cultural columnist Steve Bennett interviewed me last week about the new “Twilight” show at La Vida Gallery, and the article came out today – he really listened and wrote what I said better than I could have said it!  Many many thanks to Steve – I can read it and save it to remember just what I was thinking when this whole series went together. Click here to read the online article.



Winning Workshop (and Scent Shard Winner)

I never imagined that the space in La Vida Gallery could be so perfect for a workshop, but it was. We were surrounded by art and inspiration this afternoon at the gallery with light coming in from the large windows looking out onto the Southtown neighborhood. Carole Weissler, gallery owner, was a host and participant – she’s a talented artist in her own right. This group was motivated and creative –  the finished products really glowed with colors and textures. One particular participant complained about the quality of the glue sticks, but I noticed that it didn’t keep her from making two lovely votive cards. She also showed me a much better way to make the center cut. Sigh, live and learn. The whole afternoon was fun – see the video.

But wait – before the video starts, the winner of the Scent Shard (name drawn by Carol Mylar from Colorado Springs) is  . . . . . . .Sherry Palmer, who signed up for the mailing list during the last open studio and then subscribed to the Shards blog. Congratulations, Sherry – let me know how you’d like to claim your prize. I’ll be glad to mail it to you or you are more than welcome to come pick it up. I’d love to see you.

Now, back to the video:

30 Shades of Fun

Friday night’s opening at La Vida Gallery was great – lots of people, good comments and some sales on my paintings, and the really special treat was getting to meet and see the work of Jacobo and Maria Angeles from Oaxaca. They are world-class carvers and painters. Jacobo had a carved jaguar around his neck as his protection animal. His little animals are intricate and his larger carvings are just spectacular. Here is a photo of Jacobo and me, and here is a photo of a magnificent monster carving, create from one solid block of wood – it’s an incredible sculptural achievement.

Don’t forget that there’s still time to come to the workshop at La Vida tomorrow – we’ll be there from 3-5, sitting around the big table in the middle of Matt and Carole’s gallery creating votive lights. It may be turning cold about that time! Yay! (and we’ll do a Scent Shard drawing for subscribers and workshop participants tomorrow evening).

Thanks to everyone who came to the opening last night and those who sent good wishes – I have the best friends in the world!


Create a Candle, Win a Shard

Special workshop this Sunday at La Vida Gallery in lovely Southown from 3-5! I’ll be showing you how to make these unique votive candle cards, which are gifts in themselves. When you open one, it becomes a glowing screen for a votive candle, but it folds up to fit in an envelope. These cards were featured in an article I wrote for the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. You’ll take home several of these cards and can personalize them in any way you want. To save a spot (limit ten, there are five spaces left), click on this PayPal link – tuition is $39 and proceeds go to the San Antonio Food Bank. All materials are provided.

But wait – there’s more (as usual). Workshop participants and SHARDS blog subscribers will be entered in a drawing to win this Scent Shard with Ylang-Ylang/Bitter Orange essential oil and a brochure and gift bag. My dear friend and former studio partner Carol Mylar is visiting me from Colorado and she will do the drawing Sunday night. If you can’t come play with us on Sunday, subscribe to the Shard blog.

Scent Shard prize for winning workshop participant/blog subscriber

And finally, 30 Shades of Twilight opens at La Vida tonight at 7:00 but I’m too nervous to talk about that, so bye for now.:)

Alice Ballard

I’ve just come across the work of potter artist Alice Ballard. It’s one of those revelation “aha” moments – this came right after my favorite local nursery, Shades of Green, requested my work for their shop yesterday. They are putting air plants in my Sprig Shards (thanks, Gloria, for showing them) and it’s made me rethink the form and function aspects of my earthenware. Take a look at Alice Ballard’s work, particularly this Pod series. Beautiful.



The Artist’s Way 12.03

Starting a new project is scary for me – what if nobody gets it? What if it doesn’t say something that’s worth anything? Then, as serendipity has it, this was yesterday’s excerpt from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, Everyday: A Year of Creative Living. Hooray, I feel connected again! Whew, back in the nest with the rest of you birds 🙂

“We are like songbirds. When one of us gives voice to our true
nature, it is contagious and others soon give tongue as
well. There is an infallibility to the law that as we each
seek to express what we are longing to say, there is always
someone or something that is longing to hear precisely
what we have expressed. We do not live or create in isolation.”

Grid of Nests – Richard Barnes, 2000/Artstor

Shard Face Workshops in January and February

At the open studio yesterday, several people asked about the workshops and took home brochures. They saw the necklaces that Ann Pearce had made from the shard faces and wondered how they could make their own. I promised I’d post the link to the new schedule and the printable brochure, and here it is:
There’s a PayPal button at the bottom if you want to reserve a spot in advance. As usual there is a limit of six participants. It really is fun – you get to play with clay and then see your pieces after firing.

My friend Maria just happened to send a note this morning about her own blog in which she talks about my workshop that she attended – it’s the same one I’m offering twice this time because so many people asked for it. Here’s what she said, and here’s a photo of the very cool necklace she put together with the shards that she made herself during the workshop – thanks, Maria! Timely posting 🙂

I haven’t taken any classes just for me in quite some time.  So I took a class with Lyn Belisle. She is a fabulous artist in San Antonio. We made the shards in her class and then the following week went to Anne Pearces and put the necklaces together!  It was so much fun!