Joanna, Spirit Dolls and new faces . . .

Joanna Powell Colbert appeared in my life at a serendipitous time – she ordered some of my little faces for a Spirit Doll workshop last year and, in doing so, opened a door to lots of new connections for my shard faces. You’ve seen some of the photos of Spirit Dolls that people have sent me – now Joanna has made her booklet describing how to make these small spiritual sculpture available to everyone. What a cool gift!
How To Make a Spirit Doll by Joanna Powell Colbertspiritdollbook

I’ve had lots of new orders for faces and, as a result, I spent last night making new ones, about 100 of them. Every one of them seems to have a different story to tell. It’s kind of meditative to work the clay and see the expression in each face. Here are a few, ready to finish drying and go into the kiln. Thank, as always, to Joanna for her example and inspiration! We’ll be making Spirit Dolls at The Studio in the spring 🙂White clay faces before firingWhite clay faces before firing

Terra Cotta faces

Terra Cotta faces


3 thoughts on “Joanna, Spirit Dolls and new faces . . .

  1. Discovering your shard faces and Joanna’s earlier guidance on making spirit dolls that she has now updated and reformatted into this gorgeous booklet has been one of my 2012 serendipity treasures. Hoping the workshops result in many more “embodied spirit” photos and storytelling so that the booklet can expand to book! Very inspiriational, poetic and deeply personal. Thank you.

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