Steven DaLuz’s Neo-Luminism

Probably everyone knows an artist whose work consistently inspires and amazes – the paintings of San Antonio artist Steven DaLuz do that for me. He balances content and technique so deftly without making it look too commercial or too slick. Take a look at his portfolio – he’s equally masterful with representational and non-representational subjects. In an interview with the JR Mooney Gallery, he says, “I strive to create work that I am personally passionate about…work that I hope will make the viewer pause for a moment and just FEEL something. I hope to connect with a person by focusing on my own expression of aesthetic ‘beauty’. It often reflects upon primal questions about origins, the expressive beauty of the human figure and the sublime. If there is something in the work that connects with a viewer and stirs their spirit in some way, then I have done my job.”

I think you’ll agree that he does his job – here’s his website and portfolio.

Steven DaLuz webpage

Steven DaLuz webpage



Tech tip

Classes start at Trinity this week and I’ve been slowly returning to Geek Mode, thinking about computer projects for my students. It occurred to me that you might not know how easy it is to “design” in Microsoft Word. It has a ton of ready-made templates (some kinda cheesy, but . . ..), and if you’re in a hurry for a newsletter or in invitation, just go to MS Word>New>Templates and search around. They have everything from calendars to blank music sheets.

In any version of Word, go to File>New

In any version of Word, go to File>New

Choose a design - you can just click to change or delete the words

Choose a design – you can just click to change or delete the words


As the sign in my printer friend’s office says, “Cheap – Fast- Good: Choose any Two.” This tip is cheap and fast, but it can save you when you need an instant flyer or announcement. When you’re done, you can also save as a PDF.



Workshops update

I just realized the early winter workshop brochure didn’t have the new studio info on it, so here’s the New Improved Version. There are three spaces left for the first workshop on Sunday, Jan 20th from 3-5, Making Earthenware Adornments, so if you want to sign up for that one, you can help me test drive the new space. I think it will be fun to have so much room. There’s a PayPal button to reserve a space,or just email me for any other arrangement.

Turning face shards into fabulous jewels at Ann Pearce's during the second half of the workshop

Turning face shards into fabulous jewels at Ann Pearce’s during the second half of the Earthenware Adornments workshop last fall

SA Woman article

I survived this morning’s tooth pulling (hooray), and, almost like a reward, the article my friend Jasmina Wellinghoff wrote about my new work came out today in SA Woman Magazine. She did a fabulous job of organizing my randomness. And Janet Rogers took a photo that made me wish I looked like that 🙂 – I am very grateful to both of them. Click on the photo to read the article if you’re interested. Now back to the ice pack.




It’s official – sorta

Here is your hot-off-the-computer invitation for the “soft” opening of the Studio on January 19th – please feel free to print it out and stick it prominently on your refrigerator <grin>.And if you see typo’s, don’t tell me – I’m nervous enough as it is! I did discover during all of this that if you just tell people about it, it has to happen and that makes it easier to get it done, knowing that your friends know. Thanks for the support! (‘Specially since I have to have a tooth pulled tomorrow – urk.)

Studio opening - you're invited!

Studio opening – you’re invited!


Every so often, I get a note from a friend that I really want to share with you all – here’s one from Paige, a writer (and much more). I think I’ll tape the quote to my work desk.

Heartiest congratulations for a sparkling 2013 in your new studio – what a great start!  I am so happy for you – and for all of us who will be nurtured in this space, and, hopefully, will be moved to nurture in response. It’s the give and take that makes life sing – the space between the notes that makes the music.

In that spirit, I want to share a quote for the New Year by Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco. Each January I start the New Year with a focus thought rather than a resolution. This is one that extends the Golden Rule and sounds like a “Beatitude” but isn’t: “Blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.”



A magical space . .

I worked at the Studio today (big “S” means new studio) and took some photos for a short video about the space. You guys, I am so excited! It is still a work in progress, but it’s going to be the most wonderful place for workshops and meetings. I wish everyone could come for the opening party in a couple of weeks. The first workshop is scheduled for January 20th, and I think I’ll have an open house the afternoon before that, on Saturday January 19th, 3-7 pm. But Shards Blog people are the first to know – and if you’re on the mailing list, you might get it twice. Arg, sorry about that, but that way you’ll remember – please come 🙂 . Anyway, here’s the video – yay!!

Painting space

That has two meanings, room to paint and painting a representation of a space. This is the first large painting I’ve started in the new studio (obviously not finished, but it helps me to look at a photo in progress to see where I want to go). It’s 30×40″ and I thought it would be hard to adjust to a large canvas after the 10×10″ Twilight series, but it’s not. Working title of this painting is Valley of the Shadow. I discovered a great color today by mixing burnt umber with violet. Wow.Work in progress, acrylic on 30x40 canvas

Work in progress, acrylic on 30×40 canvas

So many good things have been coming together lately that I wanted to post Deepak Chopra’s definition of synchronicity –

Synchronicity. This is a mysterious ingredient from the unconscious that all great leaders harness. Synchronicity is the ability to create good luck and find invisible support that carries a leader beyond predicted outcomes to a higher plane. In spiritual terms, synchronicity is the ultimate ability to connect any need with an answer from the soul.

Joanna, Spirit Dolls and new faces . . .

Joanna Powell Colbert appeared in my life at a serendipitous time – she ordered some of my little faces for a Spirit Doll workshop last year and, in doing so, opened a door to lots of new connections for my shard faces. You’ve seen some of the photos of Spirit Dolls that people have sent me – now Joanna has made her booklet describing how to make these small spiritual sculpture available to everyone. What a cool gift!
How To Make a Spirit Doll by Joanna Powell Colbertspiritdollbook

I’ve had lots of new orders for faces and, as a result, I spent last night making new ones, about 100 of them. Every one of them seems to have a different story to tell. It’s kind of meditative to work the clay and see the expression in each face. Here are a few, ready to finish drying and go into the kiln. Thank, as always, to Joanna for her example and inspiration! We’ll be making Spirit Dolls at The Studio in the spring 🙂White clay faces before firingWhite clay faces before firing

Terra Cotta faces

Terra Cotta faces