Friday freebie ♥ ♥ ♥

I have been busy, busy getting ready for tomorrow’s Open Studio and Sale at the new Lyn Belisle Studio– it’s going to be fantastic. Alison stopped by yesterday and dropped off some of her beautiful jackets and scarves and fiberarts – and wait till you see her Feng Shui valentine-kits-to-go! She’s so funny and creative – I get first pick!

Speaking of Valentines, Friday’s freebie is a set of three vintage Valentine clip art pages to use however you want – wrap a little box, make a collage, print them on mauve or ivory paper – or just file them away until the must beckons. I found them online, public domain, so have fun. Here’s a sample, and you can get all three pages right here.

vdayscreenshotPS You know how to make a heart symbol when you type on a windows computer, right? Just make sure your Num Lock key is on, hold down the Alt Key and type the number 3? On a Mac, use the Character Palette. ♥♥♥




Art opening at the Weston Centre

What a swanky event! This was a beautiful show – very elegant, very well-attended – many thanks to Janice Cooper and friends. I was proud to be included. You can tell in the pictures that I am beaming like a possum because people liked my paintings 🙂 Photos really don’t to justice to the wonderful work by my fellow painters and sculptors and fiber artists, but here are a few:




Spirit work –

This is just another sample of some of the spirit doll photos that people send me when they use my shard faces for their work. I am overwhelmed with the creativity and soulfulness that these little soft sculptures possess. Thanks to the artisans who crafted them and sent me the pictures. Our Spirit Doll workshop on the 3rd of March is going to be exciting! It’s full, but I’m thinking of having another one in May.


Bright idea?

1. Don’t forget to come to the Open Studio Follow Your Heart Sale at the new digs this Saturday, 11-5.

2. Check out this new idea – Candle Shards – collaged clay face and artisan paper wraps on those great wax-coated battery candles that can be set on timers. I’m keeping this one (it has a little “home” milagro tied into it), but will have half a dozen at least in various sizes on Saturday. If they sell well, I’ll make more. They are so pretty!




And the winner is . . .

It’s always fun to have someone win the Friday Freebie when I don’t recognize the email address – but here is the winner:

So congrats on claiming the little silver face pendant shard. Send me your contact information and I will get it to you ASAP! I posted a quote from the Dalai Lama on Facebook today that reminded me of my friends – you guys are the best – thanks for your tolerance and honestly and compassion.

“We need to encourage an understanding that inner peace comes from relying on human values like love, compassion, tolerance and honesty, and that peace in the world relies on individuals finding inner peace.”  

OK, happy weekend, everyone!





Friday Freebie

Amazing! It’s a real object! I was working on some shard faces, and this one was just a little too big for a Spirit Doll and a little too small for a Scent Shard. It’s a lovely moon-silver face with a stretchy gold cord. All of you loyal blog subscribers are in the pot, and I’ll get a friend to draw a name tonight and then send everyone an email about who won. Will ship if you’re out of San Antonio, of course.

And just FYI (speaking of Spirit Dolls) – there’s just one spot left in the March 3rd Spirit Doll Workshop. My friend Karen Martin has donated a huge box of fabric swatches for us to use. If you want to grab this spot, I have a new easier-to-find PayPal page on my website, or just email me.

Thanks, and TGIF!!