Studio mascot?

Today was a workday in the Studio, painting walls and rearranging artwork. I bought a new rug for the front door area that was cheap and colorful – yay. But the most amazing thing was moving those hawks wings (some of you have seen them) to a new wall above the drafting table. After they were mounted, I remembered a lonely deer skull that was high on a wall in the guest room of our house – we brought it to the studio and hung it with the wings – just look! It is a mythical guardian creature! I hope it doesn’t scare me to death when I walk in tomorrow morning – but I think it is more protector than predator. Just keep that in mind if you’re coming to the Mala workshop tomorrow.

Deer skull and hawk's wings

Deer skull and hawk’s wings


Last-minute Friday Freebie

*Dear* Shards Subscribers,

I was so involved at the Studio today, working on wrist malas and prayer flags for Sunday’s workshop, that I almost forgot the Friday Freebie. So as a natural extension of that, the freebie will be a wrist mala for meditation that I will make for you. It won’t be fancy, but it will be made with love ♥. And if you’d rather make it for yourself, I’ll give you the beads and cord and instructions.

Because I’m so late with this, I’ll wait until Sunday after the workshop to draw the name from all the awesome Shards subscribers. And (ahem) we still have two spaces left in the workshop, so if you sign up, you can join us at the Studio and watch me make your mala! Send me an email if you want to come – it should be fun. Happy weekend!



Mala and Prayer Flag Workshop

There are several spots left in Sunday’s workshop – it should be low key and relaxing. We’re creating Wrist Malas for quiet meditation and Prayer Flags to celebrate spring and rebirth. I had the funny experience yesterday of trying to video myself making a wrist mala. It didn’t work very well, but here are some excerpts from the process. Making the mala, however, was a wonderful exercise in quiet concentration, counting and joining the beads, winding the tassel 21 times, tying it all together. If you’d like to join the workshop this Sunday from 3-5, send me an email. Just bring yourself – I’ll have everything you need to work with, including a shell to hold your Mala.

Diptych to DC

My abstract acrylic diptych, “Penumbra”, is headed to DC where it will live with my dear friend Victoria. It is such a delight to know the piece has a good home! It was separated into two halves for packing and shipping and will be reassembled when it gets to DC. I look forward to seeing pictures of it in place. In fact, I expect I’ll have to visit it in person before too long! Thanks, Victoria – your taste in art is exceptional <grin>.

Penumbra Lyn Belisle 2013 Acrylic on Canvas 36x48"

Lyn Belisle 2013
Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday Pass-along: A Manifesto

pod1I am sitting here at my desk trying to remember what the heck my Evernote password is (and what I was even going to look for in Evernote) when I came across this link I’d saved to a Blog called Inspired Home Office by Jen Hofmann.

This is her most popular post – read it and you’ll see why. Here’s the link:
A Manifesto for Cluttered Creatives – and here’s my favorite excerpt (the whole thing is great):


I have a right to a sacred space
that is free from intrusions

that is free from guilt
that completely supports my spirit
that is truly sacred space
powerful as an ancient circle of standing stones

Right on!

Friday Freebie: Secret Skin Formula

Hazelnut OilSpeaking of aromatherapy, today’s freebie is my never-before-revealed aromatherapy formula for the best skin treatment. It really is nice, natural and effective – friends ask me to make it for them often and now you can make it for yourself – Ta Dah! It starts with Hazelnut Oil. You can order it from fancy spa sites, but guess what? You can buy it in the gourmet oil section of Central Market or Whole Foods for much less. And it’s food grade, so it’s very pure. I’m giving you two formulas, below, but the first one is my favorite. Essential Oil of Lavender is easy to find, Frankincense not so much (and it’s pricey). But lately I’ve just been using Lavender Oil on its own and its still wonderfully effective. Don’t mix it in larger quantities than two ounces, and don’t refrigerate it. This should last you at least a month, because you don’t need very much. It’s non-greasy and is especially good for your neck and eye area (don’t get it in your eyes!)

Here’s the formula – there’s lots of other information on the Chemaroma website that I share with Dr. Bill Kurtin. Happy Friday!


The Art of Aromatherapy and ABODE

abodeOne of the most interesting and inspiring groups I know is ABODE.  These compassionate people, led by my friends Patsy and Edwin Sasek, provide a home where contemplative care for the dying is provided to guests in a simple, welcoming, peaceful environment. You can read more about their Mission on their website.

Recently, Patsy invited me and my colleague in Aromatherapy, Dr. Bill Kurtin, to present a program to their group and others with similar interests about the use of Essential Oils as therapeutic aids for calming stress and encouraging serenity in both client and caregiver. We are thrilled to have this opportunity, and will hold the workshop at my Studio on Sunday, May 5th. As most of you know, Bill and I have done lectures and demonstrations at the University level and elsewhere on the Art and Science of Essential Oils but this is a new venture for us. I’ve worked with hospice groups in the past, but Bill’s ability to ground the therapeutic use of essential oils in scientific research will add immense credibility to the presentation, as always.

chemaromaAromatherapy is complex, effective and sometimes misunderstood science, but it is so worth learning about. You can read a sneak preview about the presentation sponsored by ABODE on our research website, Chemaroma. If you’re interested in attending, contact the good people at ABODE (or just send me an email). The sign-up information will be available very soon. And for tomorrow’s Friday Freebie, I’ll be giving you the recipe for a wonderful facial treatment using essential oils, so stay tuned.

Spirits abound

Yesterday’s Spirit Doll workshop at the Studio was magical! We started with sticks and clay and cloth and ended up with enchanted beings! I am going to have an exhibit of Spirit Dolls by these talented creators and those in the March 24 class on Friday, March 29th. Stay tuned for details, but I think you’ll agree that these sculptural forms are much more than the sum of their parts.

First Friday and Yvette Shadrock

It’s always great to go to La Vida Gallery on First Friday, and tonight one of my favorite artists, Yvette Shadrock, was exhibiting. Yvette is a genius at assemblage – she puts together objects in whimsical, scary, funny and profound ways to make works that look as if they came from another place or another time. I have one of her small pieces that I bought at her last show and I hope to be able to have a larger one someday soon. The only problem is, which one to choose? They are all wonderful.



Friday Freebie – get in the spring spirit


I’m having my first workshop on Creating Spirit Dolls this Sunday. That one is full, but there is another one on Sunday, March 24th, that has spaces if you’d like to sign up. There is also a very eclectic workshop on Creating Mala Meditation Bracelets and Prayer Flags on March 17th. Celebrate spring and refresh your spirit!

Today’s freebie is a booklet for everyone about Spirit Dolls – I put it together last Sunday when I was working by myself in the Studio making my own Spirit Doll. It was an odd experience – she really seemed to become “real” as I worked with the fabric, twigs and clay. Here’s a link to the booklet. I’d love it if you came to the workshop at the Studio and worked with the group, but you can try it on your own as well with these instructions.

PS – I’ve also done an update on my webpage that,hopefully, will make it easier to find out about events at the Studio.