Serenity and Serendipity

Michelle Belto and I spent a serene and serendipitous day with our workshop group making and celebrating happy artistic accidents (and a few on-purpose creations). We constructed book/boxes with rich collaged exteriors and a space for our Yupo inspiration cards on the inside. We also built a sense of community and retreat as we worked in the Studio space together. One participant said, “I haven’t thought of the outside world all day – I’ve been so focused on my work here.”

When Michelle and I plan workshops together, we want to bring this sense of retreat and contemplation to the experience as well as ensuring that everyone has a finished piece to take home with them as a celebration of their accomplishments and growth. And it worked again with our Book of Serendipity workshop – take a look at the video!

The Card Elves get the job done, faster than a speeding bullet

Shirlene Harris, recycling maven and artist, took on the challenge of making hundreds of business-card-sized artworks for attendees at the American Art Therapy Association‘s national conference here in San Antonio. At last Saturday’s Show and Tell at the Studio, she mentioned that she didn’t think she could finish in time. Several of the people there immediately volunteered to help. Calling themselves the “Card Elves,” they descended on the Studio last night and whipped those suckers out faster than lightning. It was a blast! These little artworks are inspiring, individually and collectively, and so are the generous and talented makers. Check out the video. Thanks, Elves!!


Solstice Weekend report

Thanks to everyone who came out to greet Pablo and Beverly Solomon this weekend. We had fun with them – we even got a chance to visit the Matisse show at SAMA. It’s astonishingly good and wonderfully annotated. Pablo had just read a two volume biography of Matisse and entertained us with some funny, slightly racy behind-the-scenes commentary.

Sunday’s Earthshard Pendant Workshop was a quiet respite from the excitement of the Solstice festivities and Pablo Solomon’s successful opening.   Many thanks to Ann Pearce for being my collaborator on this session – I always learn so much from her (and from the workshop attendees).  Later in the week, I’ll pass along some information about how we did the finishes on our earthenware pendants (below). Happy Monday, All!

All right, students – get out a piece of paper . . .

What? Bored with summer vacation already?? Here’s a little midweek tutorial that could come in handy in all kinds of situations. You could even use this for a sun hat if you make it big enough and turn it upside down. If you can’t follow the *very easy* directions and need an in-person demonstration, come to the Show and Tell at the Studio this Saturday and I’ll give you a step-by-step help session. 🙂 Plus, you’ll get to meet Pablo Solomon, our visiting artist – hey, he’s a sculptor – wonder if he can do this . . .


Watch out for flying pigs . . .

flyingpig.jpg-w=216&h=207So I’ve always said, “The day I get my workshop page organized is the day pigs fly.” But guess what? I spent the weekend putting together a new workshop calendar for the rest of the freaking year! And I think it will be easier for you to find what’s coming up. Just click right here. You can also get to it from its new place on the home page. calendar linkYou’ll notice a few things – first, July is heavy on the Citra-solv paper, but that’s because everyone loves it and I’m not tired of playing with it (I’ve added a third session on July 27th). There are also some repeats – those paper purses that everyone asks about, for example. There’s a new workshop called Twiggies!! – check that one out. I think all of the links are in place, but if you see anything that looks goofy or won’t work, let me know. And none of this is set in stone — for example, if I were to get allergic to Citra-solv — oops.

You’ll also see all of the details about the one-day June workshop with Michelle Belto (yay for serendipity!) and the exciting Tarot-based weekend with Joanna Powell Colbert in early October. That one is filling very fast already with people from all over the country, so if you want a place, grab it now.

I sincerely hope to see you at some of these workshops – at least the calendar is organized if the presenter isn’t! Thanks, everyone, and don’t forget to drop by the Studio on Friday for Pablo Solomon’s awesome exhibit!







Where will you be a week from today?

the bow LBWell, if it’s between 6-9 p.m. on Friday the 20th, I hope you’ll be at the Studio, at least long enough to have a drink and a nosh and meet the amazing artist, Pablo Solomon. He’ll be here in San Antonio celebrating Solstice Weekend with us – it’s becoming an annual tradition – hooray! When I visited Pablo and Beverly at their beautiful historic ranch and studio, we selected some stunning and very collectible sculptures and drawings for this show – for example, Pablo’s sculptures of dancers are exquisite and priced (unbelievably) under $200. Here’s your very special invitation:


If for some crazy reason you can’t come by next Friday, darn it, Pablo will be at the Studio from 2-4 on Saturday afternoon the 21st for an informal Show and Tell session to discuss the art market, the creative process, and what it’s like living in (and taking care of) one of the most historic houses in Texas. And the lovely Beverly Solomon can discuss what it’s like to be a muse and model for those wonderful sculptures! Please help us celebrate summer Solstice, dance, the arts and interesting people by coming by Lyn Belisle Studio this coming weekend. Cheers and TGIF!

The Book of Serendipity: Belto and Belisle – Saturday, June 28th

I spent some fine creative time with encaustic guru, author and good buddy Michelle Belto yesterday at her Hot Wax Studio. We experimented in various media with a small group of intrepid explorers. And now – tah-dah– Michelle and I ready to give you the exclusive final details on our June 28th collaborative workshop called The Book of Serendipity: A Celebration of Unexpected Gifts from the Universe! Click on the photo below to read the description – it really has something for everyone – and then sign up to spend a cool (in all ways) Saturday with us at my Studio. All materials and a yummy lunch are included – the day will be a memorable one (you’ll see what I mean when you read the description.) Limit eight participants, absolutely no art experience necessary. Please join us (and invite a friend).


Two videos and a winner

The first video, shown below for your viewing pleasure, is from yesterday’s Spirit Box workshop. As usual, we exceeded our expectations and enjoyed the creative hanging out, the good food, the spectacular results of our labors, and the delightful company of our mascot, Buster the Pup (see him at the end of the video).

The second video is a short little Show & Tell tutorial that I did for you before the workshop started – it’s a look at how to make cheap foam texture stamps from anything you might have hanging around the house (well, almost . . .).

And, finally, the winner of the Friday Freebie Shard Pin Kit is . . . !
This is one of those times that I’m not sure of the subscriber’s name, but if you’re out there and reading this, you WON, pjjordan!! (I’m thinking it might be Phyllis . . .) I see you’re probably from San Antonio by your email address, so let me know when you’d like to come by the Studio to collect your loot (or if that’s not convenient, I’ll send it via the Post Office).

Have a great week, everyone – and mark your calendar for Pablo Solomon’s Solstice Celebration opening at the Studio – wine, women (his sculptures are of dancers) and song (maybe)!

Friday Freebie in honor of Artful Gathering opening day!!

My very first online classroom for Artful Gathering opens today and I’m excited! Students will have six weeks to learn how to make clay faces and use them in three wonderful projects – and this magnetic pin (second picture below) is one of them. In honor of opening day, I’m giving away a pin kit (also available on Etsy) to a randomly-drawn SHARDS subscriber – the drawing will be on Sunday night.

All of this is a clever nudge to ask you to (1) check out my class and all the other classes on Artful Gathering, and (2) subscribe to my blog if you don’t already (just type your email in the upper right corner of the sidebar and hit “subscribe”). Anyone subscribed by Sunday, including all you dear wonderful current subscribers, will be in the drawing.

Here’s your dilemma – do you pass this post this along to friends and help me get subscribers, thus lessening your chance to win? Heck, yeah! It’s good Karma. Happy Friday, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥

Your very own kit to make a magnetic art-to-wear pin to clip to a shirt, hat, lampshade . . .:)

Your very own kit to make a magnetic art-to-wear pin to clip to a shirt, hat, lampshade . . .:)

The finished Magnetic Shard Face pin

The finished Magnetic Shard Face pin – too cool!!!

Report from Beacon Hill

The gorgeous weather was the star on Sunday in Boston – what a fabulous day for the annual Beacon Hill Art Walk. I set up my work in the same courtyard as last year, only this time I had the invaluable help and creative eye of my daughter-in-law, Becky, who is an artist and photographer. As she said, “It practically set itself up!” What a team! I shared the space again with printmaker Dominique Lecomte, whose appealing woodblock prints, charming accent and genial manner makes him a perfect exhibit partner.

This event brings out the most interesting people – my first sale was to a fellow artist, Fran Busse, who has a studio in Concord, MA. We decided that we explore a lot of similar themes in our work. Another interesting person named Dave noticed my reference to “shards” in my artist’s statement and told me about a German proverb, “Scherben bringen Glück”, which means “shards bring luck.” It must be true, because right after that, a judge came around with a second place ribbon for my work! Woohoo! Sales were good, I had wonderful help from Rick and Becky and our friend Danny, and was even able to walk around a bit to see the other work. I really can’t wait till next year – if I’m accepted again, Dominique and I have a deal to set up at the same lucky place on Beacon Hill! Here are some photos (thanks to Becky for some of these – the good ones!)