Back from Boston, and summer at the Studio


Setting up in the little courtyard off Charles Street in Beacon Hill, Boston

Boston was great – I met lots of interesting people at my third annual Beacon Hill Art Walk, had a number of folks recognize me from last year (“Hey, Shard Lady!”), and sold some art. Interestingly, the encaustic pieces got most of the attention, but the Citra-solv landscapes got most of the bucks.

lsThese little mixed media landscape collages are always popular with art buyers, and  easy and fun to construct. As a matter of fact (what a coincidence), I’m having a workshop on Sunday, June 21st from 2-5 to show you how to make the collages, and there are lots of spaces left. You’ll learn how to create some amazing decorative artisan papers using Citra-solv cleaning solvent, and you will learn a lot about composition, as well. All materials are provided, as usual. Here’s a link if you’re interested. Come join me!

There are other summer workshops coming up at the Studio, including a Goddess Banner class on Sunday.goddessbanner That class is full, but I have had so much fun developing it that I’ll offer it again later. I’ve combined small-space dyeing with transfer, paper “quilting,” and other fabric surface design to make a layered banner that celebrates the idea of the Divine Feminine in whatever fashion pleases you. Here’s a first look at the prototype. When you hang a banner made with intention, like this one, the wish or affirmation is supposedly sent by the wind in all directions. I like that!

There’s a Spirit Box Workshop in July, and a Mixed Media Collage workshop in August – that one may focus on Goddess Banners again. Any takers for another Goddess Banner session? Email me!

It’s strange to think that I won’t be going back to Trinity University in the fall to teach, and it’s scarily liberating. FYI, Friday Freebies will return next week.

speedyFinally, one of the nicest things that happened during the Beacon Hill Art Walk was a Close Encounter of the Dog Kind – I was walking down a crowded street in Beacon Hill when a little doggie on a leash dragged her human over to see me, and began jumping up and down. It was my son’s dog, Speedy! Rick and his family were out of town, but Speedy recognized me and came bounding over to say hello. The pet sitter was very surprised, because he didn’t know who I was, and Speedy is usually a shy dog. But she is a good art critic – she looked at my art and licked my face in approval. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone – hope it’s filled with dog licks, ice cream, and fun.





Report from Beacon Hill

The gorgeous weather was the star on Sunday in Boston – what a fabulous day for the annual Beacon Hill Art Walk. I set up my work in the same courtyard as last year, only this time I had the invaluable help and creative eye of my daughter-in-law, Becky, who is an artist and photographer. As she said, “It practically set itself up!” What a team! I shared the space again with printmaker Dominique Lecomte, whose appealing woodblock prints, charming accent and genial manner makes him a perfect exhibit partner.

This event brings out the most interesting people – my first sale was to a fellow artist, Fran Busse, who has a studio in Concord, MA. We decided that we explore a lot of similar themes in our work. Another interesting person named Dave noticed my reference to “shards” in my artist’s statement and told me about a German proverb, “Scherben bringen GlĂĽck”, which means “shards bring luck.” It must be true, because right after that, a judge came around with a second place ribbon for my work! Woohoo! Sales were good, I had wonderful help from Rick and Becky and our friend Danny, and was even able to walk around a bit to see the other work. I really can’t wait till next year – if I’m accepted again, Dominique and I have a deal to set up at the same lucky place on Beacon Hill! Here are some photos (thanks to Becky for some of these – the good ones!)