Report from Beacon Hill

The gorgeous weather was the star on Sunday in Boston – what a fabulous day for the annual Beacon Hill Art Walk. I set up my work in the same courtyard as last year, only this time I had the invaluable help and creative eye of my daughter-in-law, Becky, who is an artist and photographer. As she said, “It practically set itself up!” What a team! I shared the space again with printmaker Dominique Lecomte, whose appealing woodblock prints, charming accent and genial manner makes him a perfect exhibit partner.

This event brings out the most interesting people – my first sale was to a fellow artist, Fran Busse, who has a studio in Concord, MA. We decided that we explore a lot of similar themes in our work. Another interesting person named Dave noticed my reference to “shards” in my artist’s statement and told me about a German proverb, “Scherben bringen Glück”, which means “shards bring luck.” It must be true, because right after that, a judge came around with a second place ribbon for my work! Woohoo! Sales were good, I had wonderful help from Rick and Becky and our friend Danny, and was even able to walk around a bit to see the other work. I really can’t wait till next year – if I’m accepted again, Dominique and I have a deal to set up at the same lucky place on Beacon Hill! Here are some photos (thanks to Becky for some of these – the good ones!)