Sunday earthshard workshop

There’s something about the new studio space that is inspiring – either that, or I had some incredibly talented clay workers in yesterday’s workshop. Could be a bit of both, but take a look at some of the earthenware ornaments they made –

I love the combination of clays and the embellishments! These will be fired late today or early tomorrow, and then we will meet at Ann Pearce’s Jewelry Design next door to pair these works with beads, leather cord and findings to make one-of-a-kind necklaces and pendants. I’ll take pics of the final creations.

Next workshop, March 3rd, Spirit Dolls, is already full but I’m going to have a second one later in the month on March 24th – email me if you’re interested.

Studio Opening: Afternoon Delight

Yesterday’s informal opening at the Studio was just fantastic – thanks to the 100+ friends who dropped by to eat, drink and celebrate the space. My only regret is that I did not take *one* picture once people started arriving because I was enjoying talking to everyone. If you were there, thanks for sharing a delightful afternoon – and if you couldn’t be, please come any time that you are in the area. The Studio is now officially blessed by friends! The first workshop, Earthenware Adornments, is this afternoon and I just can’t wait to play in that space. Here are some pictures before guests arrived – even the bathroom and kitchen look happy!

br checkin food inside kitchen outside


Studio updates


I’ve just finished a small re-do of my website homepage with the new studio logo and a heading that says Lyn Belisle Studio: A Place of Creative Belonging. That’s pretty much expresses what I want people to feel in that space – a haven to create and learn with joy and without judgment.

Whether it’s a workshop, a poetry reading, a computer lesson – there needs to be a sense of serenity, anticipation and accomplishment.  One of my favorite comments from a past workshop was “I amazed myself!” Oh, yeah! That’s perfect.

The poem that inspired the Studio slogan is House of Belonging by David White. If you would like to read it, go here to the Panhala site. I subscribe to this site and never fail to enjoy the daily poems – this one is particularly special.

Hope to see you Saturday at Lyn Belisle Studio: A Place of Creative Belonging! 🙂

SA Woman article

I survived this morning’s tooth pulling (hooray), and, almost like a reward, the article my friend Jasmina Wellinghoff wrote about my new work came out today in SA Woman Magazine. She did a fabulous job of organizing my randomness. And Janet Rogers took a photo that made me wish I looked like that 🙂 – I am very grateful to both of them. Click on the photo to read the article if you’re interested. Now back to the ice pack.




A magical space . .

I worked at the Studio today (big “S” means new studio) and took some photos for a short video about the space. You guys, I am so excited! It is still a work in progress, but it’s going to be the most wonderful place for workshops and meetings. I wish everyone could come for the opening party in a couple of weeks. The first workshop is scheduled for January 20th, and I think I’ll have an open house the afternoon before that, on Saturday January 19th, 3-7 pm. But Shards Blog people are the first to know – and if you’re on the mailing list, you might get it twice. Arg, sorry about that, but that way you’ll remember – please come 🙂 . Anyway, here’s the video – yay!!

Meeting friends at the new studio

My Etsy friends, sister-artists Linda (from Dallas) and Cindy (from Chicago), came to San Antonio today for a visit. We met at my brand new unfinished but spiffy studio. After a quick tour of the new space (stay tuned for more photos and updates) and a visit to Ann Pearce’s bead studio next door, we went to lunch at Twin Sisters Cafe and Bakery. We talked art and beads and foods and friends and classes. It was great fun. Linda gave me one of her wonderful pendants – see below. It has moveable parts that you can play with – I love it!

Sisters Cindy and Linda visit my new studio

Sisters Cindy and Linda visit my new studio

Look at this fine chair and ottoman I got a Goodwill on Friday

Look at this fine chair and ottoman I got at Goodwill on Friday – it matches the Kandinsky-esque rug like it was designed for it!

This corner of teh studio feels comfortable already - that leaves only about 80% of empty space to fill!

This corner of the studio feels comfortable already – that leaves only about 80% of empty space to fill! Gulp.

Pendant by Linda Moody - mixed metals and bronze handcrafted square bead

Pendant by Linda Moody – mixed metals and bronze handcrafted square bead