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6 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS at the STUDIO

  1. Hi Lyn, I love your shard faces and have bought several from you for my spirit dolls. Your work has inspired me tremendously and I thank you for that. I would like to send you pictures of my spirit dolls that have your shard faces via email. In 2010 I retired and I was called to start my own cloth spirit doll. When I saw your spirit dolls I knew that I had to creat one. I would love to send you pictures via email of my work. Thank you so very much for sharing your creative gifts. Many Blessings. jo

  2. Lyn, I just realized that above this pg is your email, but for some reason my outlook software doesn’t work, so I can’t send you my pictures that way:-( Bomer! jo

  3. OOPS!? I waited too long to sign up for the March2 (abstract canvas continued) class.( Leean is “gonna kill me”.)
    Oh well 🙁 have fun

  4. Lyn, I hope everything went well for you in Fredericksburg. The workshop looked like fun. Like Seth’s work. The rain and threatening storms kept us home and off the road until the weatherman gives traveling a “go-ahead.” So far, drip-drip-drip.

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