Twas the night before . . .

. . .the Herb Garden Tour! I have weeded and mulched and potted – here’s a video of the result – Texas Eclectic is the theme, and that’s pretty much what it is! Now all I need are ticket-buying people to show up in the morning and add to our Scholarship Fund while adding to their herbal and gardening inspiration.
Report to follow.

Sunday’s Workshop

Every time I have a workshop here, I swear that it’s the best ever – and, honestly, this one had to be! We all use the same concepts and many of the same materials, but the individual styles just come shining through. Thanks to all who joined me. It was wonderful and I learned a lot, as always, working with such creative people.

Playing with Polymer

Something new, just for fun – I worked with some polymer clay after taking some small molds from little carved bone faces. I had to use polymer clay to hold the detail since earthenware is not fine enough. Here are a couple of results – I love the little round faces! I’ve already used them on some Spirit Boxes and some Shard Pins. The pendant is a cast copy of one that a good friend gave me for my birthday – you can see how the polymer clay retains the details of the original. The one in the photo is the clay copy – looks real!!