Transfer Rescue

During Sunday’s Image Transfer workshop, I made a disappointingly mediocre transfer of a woman on watercolor paper that I am rescuing (I hope) – I added a rice paper indirect transfer on the right and then went back into the face with watercolor. I added some iridescent acrylic on the “window” part to give it some drama. It’s not Great Art, but if it were developed a bit more, it could be a nice illustration.

Image Transfer Workshop

I loved this workshop group – we experimented a lot and got crazy results, sometimes really good ones, sometimes really weird ones. One of the things that *didn’t* seems to work was the ITS solution on the tiles – I tried it afterwards, and by baking the tile instead of using the heat gun, it seemed to transfer a lot better. I still think I rushed it a bit (and next time will let it soak several hours) but here were the steps I followed:

Cut the thermal (laser) design to fit the unglazed tile

Rub a fairly generous amount of the ITS solution on the front of the thermal (laser) photo

 Pllace face down on unglazed tile and rub until well-adhered, then bake in a 325F oven for 30 minutes

 The paper will be firmly stuck to the tile after baking

 Cool the tile, then soak it in cold water for at least an hour (this is where I rushed it a bit)

 Gently rub the paper off, leaving the ink design – you can see that it came off around the edges, but I think if I had torn the edges to make them softer, this might not have happened.

Coat with a clear acrylic spray to protect the tile

Herbs and Shards

The Herb Market was a trip! I had never done a show like that before with tables and lots of vendor rules and big crowds. The emphasis was on herbs (naturally), so I took some Scent Shards, the new little Sprig Shards, and the small dishes with bees on them.
Well! The Sprig Shards *sold out* in an hour – one woman bought 23 of them. I hope she has a lot of friends (or sprigs). Almost all of the Scent Shards and little dishes sold as well. It was amazing.
I absolutely couldn’t have done it without the help of my dear friend Maria Luhrman, who manned the cash box, talked to everyone and kept them interested, and even gave me the best homemade granola bar I’ve ever eaten. Thank you, Maria!! Here are some photos (thanks to Mike for taking these)

 Maria and I set up the stuff – shard city!
 Lookin’ good . . .
 I have some new and different finishes on the little faces
The people start to arrive – the guy on the right says, “Hey, there are some Scent Shards!” OK, not really.
But there was a feeding frenzy for quite a while – wow. And almost everything was sold. What an afternoon. I’m so grateful to the Herb Market committee for inviting me.

Meanwhile, back in the Twilight Studio . . .

Work is going well on the Shades of Twilight series – I read part of The Prophet today while I was working in the studio and there are some lines that fit exactly what I’m working toward. I’ve finished ten of the small paintings, 20 more to go. Here’s a preview (although they may change a bit) —

 From Top to Bottom:
20 Ginko
29 Copperine
8 Chassange

Blessings from Joanna!

After Joanna posted her spirit doll instructions, I was swamped with orders for face shards – it was great! These five packages went out just yesterday afternoon. And the loveliest part is that I receive photos from artisans all over the country showing how they use the faces in their constructions – here’s one from Karen – it’s fanciful and celebratory.

Spirit Dolls Abound! Thanks, Joanna!

Joanna Powell Colbert is an artist and inspriation. She sent me a note today via Facebook:

Hi Lyn! I started my tutorial on making Spirit Dolls on my blog today. Just wanted you to know — hoping to send lots of folks your way.

These amazing creations really do give new life and spirit to the little shard faces. It’s exciting to be a part of it in a small way. Joanna’s work is incredible. I hope you have a chance to look at her beautiful Gaian Tarot Cards. I ordered a deck when I first “met” her on Etsy and each one is a wonderful work of art and human-ness. I’m going to follow her tutorial and see where it takes me – surely to some new ideas for Spirit Boxes and collages. Here’s Joanna’s photograph from her blog, Gaian Soul:

New Books, Both Fantastic

I received two new books this afternoon – the perfect cheer-up from the bout of flu that hit this morning – arg. Both of them make me want to head to the studio right away, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Here’s the first one:

Titled Wax and Paper Workshop, it’s filled with encaustic and papermaking techniques that are fascinating and inspirational. Michelle is a friend of my former studio partner, Carol Mylar, and we will get to see her in action at a workshop later this month. I highly recommend this brand-new book – it’s not a “crafty” kind of how-to but instead takes the traditional encaustic method to fine arts heights in one and two dimensions.

The second book is Digital Image Transfer: Creating Art with Your Photography. I can see already that there are some techniques we’ll be trying in my Image Transfer workshop on October 28th.

To quote from the publisher, “Ellen G. Horovitz, an inspiring artist and teacher, guides readers through imaginative photo projects that transform cherished analog and digital images into works of art. Horovitz expands on traditional photo transfer, taking it to an entirely new level using digital software techniques and a wide array of innovative materials and methods, including cocoa powder, Citrasolve, copper, and packing tape. Starting with traditional photos, digital files, and instant photo emulsions, Horovitz fashions 2D and 3D art pieces, showing readers how to use conventional processes and new exploratory techniques-even left-over materials-in the creation of meaningful photo art.”
Stay tuned for reviews.