Surface treatment

So I joined the Fiber Artists of San Antonio in March under false pretenses – the only fiber I knew anything about came in my granola. But I am learning so much from this talented group – it started when I met Sherrill Kahn at the first meeting I attended.

Today I took the plunge and worked a bit with surface design on fabric. It was amazing! And fun! After about four hours steady work in the Studio, I completed three pieces (well, the surface part, anyway). I even had time to do some sewing on one piece. The materials I used were Gesso, acrylic paint, India ink (that may have been a mistake – it’s very intense and unforgiving – live and learn), pattern stamps, and gold leaf sealed with acrylic medium. I also tried a digital heat transfer on one of the pieces. Here are the results. i don’t know where I’m going from here, but I do know that I’m hooked on working with fabric and fiber. Look out, FASA 🙂.

Art Show on Sunday – you’re invited

I’m hanging on Sacred Ground – well, actually, I’m hanging my *work* this afternoon for Sunday’s Sacred Ground art opening at the Cathedral House Gallery along with a really special group of artist friends. Please come! One of my pieces in particular has surprised me. It’s the encaustic painting I did at Michelle’s workshop. I’ve been experimenting, and think it’s finished, but I’m very new at encaustic (painting with wax), so who knows. Anyway, it’s going in the show, it’s the first and one-and-only encaustic I’ve shown, and its title is Wax and Wings:

Hope to see you Sunday – it’s a beautiful place and there will be a wonderful meditation walk followed by a wine and cheese reception – truly Sacred Ground.

ALSO- the info and registration for the Transfer Workshop is up. I had a lot of interest in this. It’s a ways away (June 30) but sign up now if you want to come. Here’s a preview of what we’ll be doing – it’s super fun and fail-proof:


FINALLY – (honest) – The Summer Newsletter is posted on the website. I think most of you are on that list, but if you want more info on Pablo Solomon, Eileen’s workshop, upcoming openings and such, click here.

Happy Friday dance – bye for now!!




A Thanksgiving lagniappe

You probably know that a “lagniappe” is a small gift given in appreciation – and I am so appreciative of all my friends who have come along with me on my sometimes meandering art trail. Here’s a small Thanksgiving “thanks.” Click on the image below and get the link to a free collage sheet called Venice that you can print out, cut up, transfer,use as wrapping paper for small presents – whatever you  like! This is one of a series of five that I have sold on my first Etsy site.

And if you are a blog subscriber, email me to get links to four more – if you’d like to subscribe to my Shards blog and get the other sheets, just go to the blog homepage and click on the right subscription window. I love keeping in touch with friends

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

That the birds of worry and care
fly about your head
This you cannot change
But that they build nests in your hair
This you can prevent.
             — Chinese Proverb

Wax and Images – new ideas

One thing about being away from home – it gives you time to think about new projects. Since I met Michelle Belto (see a link to her new book, Wax and Paper Workshop in my Book links, right) I’ve really been intrigued with the idea of embedding images under thin layers of wax. The closest I’ve come to using encaustic wax is this piece for my 30 Shades of Twilight show on Dec. 7th.

You might be interested in this online tutorial from artist Haley Nagy, whose work is included in Michelle’s book – I was. When I get home, I’ll experiment. Maybe we can have a workshop on the process?

Signing out from Boston, off to a paper shop on Beacon Street!