30 Shades of Fun

Friday night’s opening at La Vida Gallery was great – lots of people, good comments and some sales on my paintings, and the really special treat was getting to meet and see the work of Jacobo and Maria Angeles from Oaxaca. They are world-class carvers and painters. Jacobo had a carved jaguar around his neck as his protection animal. His little animals are intricate and his larger carvings are just spectacular. Here is a photo of Jacobo and me, and here is a photo of a magnificent monster carving, create from one solid block of wood – it’s an incredible sculptural achievement.

Don’t forget that there’s still time to come to the workshop at La Vida tomorrow – we’ll be there from 3-5, sitting around the big table in the middle of Matt and Carole’s gallery creating votive lights. It may be turning cold about that time! Yay! (and we’ll do a Scent Shard drawing for subscribers and workshop participants tomorrow evening).

Thanks to everyone who came to the opening last night and those who sent good wishes – I have the best friends in the world!


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