The grim tedium of air travel

I’m sitting here with my diet coke and stuffed carry-on luggage anticipating a two hour wait at Reagan National airport and thinking how nobody looks happy. Bored, maybe, or impatient, or long-suffering or apathetic, but not happy. The shoe thing, the screening thing, the pervasive anxiety have a way of dampening the joy of travel. Even the security screeners look frustrated and unhappy. Sigh. Doncha wish for the old days? Like everybody else who remembers when flying was fun? I think the federal government (which “works” in this beautiful city) should fund a boarding gate art area with visual art work, sculpture and short videos by artists to infuse a little joy in this joint. Just sayin’ – ok, off to buy a bag of chex mix since none of the airlines gives out free munches. Sigh.

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