And the fortunate Friday Freebie winner is . . .

Time for the drawing. . . . (drum roll)  OK, first I gotta download my subscriber list – – now I go to the Random Number Generator – – now I match the number – – – Hey, it’s me!

That reallythreads2 did happen this time, so I randomized another number (fair is fair, after all) and the winner is my Etsy friend Denise Milledge! Congrats, Denise, and I have your address from Etsy, so this wonderful little tapestry from Uganda will be on its way to you today. Thanks for subscribing to SHARDS.

And thanks to everybody else, too – more Friday freebies coming up. Sound of applause! PS – Free Tip: Did you know that you can find and play sounds of applause and just about everything else on the site below for free? Think of the possibilities! My theory is that some people will search for the “pig, fart” sounds, and others will go the “robin, harp” route. Or maybe “robin fart” – geez, it’s been a long day 🙂 Have fun searching and listening:




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