Ann Pearce Upscales the Lowly Shard

My friend Ann Pearce, amazing bead-woman and jewelry designer, called this morning, inviting me to her shop to see what she’d done with some shards she’d gotten from me. To say that I was blown away is an understatement. She’d transformed the little faces into Crown Jewels with her artistry.

She matched beads – copper, blue, crystal – to the finishes on the faces, truly elevating them to special one-of-a-kind pieces. I told her that I was temped to purchase them! Here are some photos I took at her shop this morning. Visit her if you want to see more. Her bead selection is amazing and she will help you select or put together real treasures.

Thanks for making me look good, Ann! I wish my photos did justice to the depth and shine of your gorgeous work.

Look at the matching earrings!

The one one the right is strung on lavender iridescent leather cording

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