Art, Adornment and Analogy

Yesterday morning as Carol and I were having breakfast on the patio at the Garden of the Gods Club, she asked me what I would remember as a defining moment about our weekend. I think it was discovering the earrings in the photo. We were in Rich Designs, an eclectic gallery which carries the artwork of Gwen Fox, whose paintings we both admire. We looked at her new work, then both spotted some wonderful chunky ethnic jewelry in a nearby display case. I fell in love with these earrings. There was a matching necklace and several other striking sets with large beads and silver findings. Then we learned that the beadwork we were so taken with was also created by Gwen Fox – she is branching out into jewelry design. What talent!
Carol bought me the earrings for my birthday – they are more than just jewelry. They symbolize our discoveries in art together, and they also absorb the colors and light of anything around them, seeming to glow from within. I will wear them often for inspiration and cherish them as a reminder of the comfort of sisterhood across the miles.

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