Beach Time

I just got home from spending the weekend in Port Aransas, Texas with old friends. Taking time away from the studio had me concerned, but it was a good trip, very relaxing. Here is a very short video I took yesterday morning just after sunrise and just before my walk.

The beach was almost completely deserted except for the gulls and pipers. There was reddish seaweed everywhere that had been scraped into long piles along the water’s edge, but apparently the birds loved it because they were digging in it finding whelks and mussels.

Our group went back down together a couple of hours later and there were people and tents and canopies all over the place, so this was a very lovely time to be there by myself.

I wish there were a way to capture the color of that peach-y gray sky. Maybe the next kimono I fold will have those colors as an inspiration.

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