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Hooray for my daughter-in-law – she thoughtfully stocked my temporary Boston digs with art supplies.    I have a new set of Caran D’Ache water soluble wax crayons and also a set of Derwent watercolor pencils. I had never used any of these before so I was curious to try them – wonderful stuff! It’s very interesting being in an unfamiliar space with unfamiliar materials, but it’s a good exercise. How a wax crayon can be water soluble beats me, but the colors blend beautifully and are vibrant and intense. I experimented on a couple of small pieces on watercolor paper, kimono shaped with some metallic stamping. The crayons can be used to make lines or textures, and then all or parts can be blended together. Here’s the first sample:

kimono copy Of course, I had help from my grand-cat who is obviously an art connoisseur – he sits on the table and watches me. He tends to fall asleep a lot,though – hope it’s not a commentary on the artwork.


Tomorrow the cold, rainy weather is supposed to be clearing up here so it may be time for a walk in the park! The cats stay inside, though – Boston is definitely a dog town!

5 thoughts on “Beacon Street

  1. You are very fortunate to receive such great art supplies! I have worked with both and have yet to get that large a box of Caron de Arche (sp)!

  2. Gorgeous colors —you are SUPER at anything you undertake!!! Love your first Kimono in Boston!!!!! Miss you a bunch!

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