I’m doing a presentation to the Trinity University Women’s Club on Valentine’s Day about establishing places of creative belonging, and I came across this poem describing one woman’s feelings about her own special place. Read it if you like, then at the end I’ll tell you about the poet:

At Home in the Summer Mountains

I’ve come to the house of the Immortals:
In every corner, wildflowers bloom.

In the front garden, trees
Offer their branches for drying clothes;
Where I eat, a wine glass can float

In the springwater’s chill.
From the portico, a hidden path
Leads to the bamboo’s darkened groves.
Cool in a summer dress, I choose
From among heaped piles of books.
Reciting poems in the moonlight, riding a painted boat . ..
Every place the wind carries me is home.

xuThis was written by Yu Xianji, a Chinese poet who lived in the 9th century during the Late Tang Dynasty.. It’s amazing how women have always expressed a need for a special – even sacred – place of belonging. To read more about Yu Xianji’s remarkable life, click here.



2 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. Love this poem! And, for reminding me of the book of poetry it came from…
    Women in Praise of the Sacred…haven’t taken it off my bookcase in a good while…excited to wander through it again!

  2. Thank you for the gift of friendship on this Valentine’s Day! It’s wonderful to be reminded to carve out a space of belonging. You are a special lady! ♥♥♥♥

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