Cartoon Speaks Volumes – eVolumes, that is

This cartoon appeared in today’s San Antonio Express News on the very day that Steve Bennett, E-N Book Editor, is coming to talk with me about my e-reader covers. Coincidence? I think not 🙂 IMHO, every Nook and Kindle should make an aesthetic statement with a handcrafted Belisle collage cover – it’s a perfect art/tech combo. I’m just sayin’ . .
ClickBank blog is sayin’, “Last month, Apple sold its one millionth iPad, just 28 days after the device was introduced.The Consumer Electronics Association projects that 5 million eReader units of all stripes will be sold this year, up from 2.2 million in 2009. Apple’s iPad is just one of a dozen new devices on the market. This past January, two dozen companies that either make or deliver material to eReading devices attended the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — the industry showcase of cutting-edge technological gadgets. It was such an increase from the previous year that a special eBook section was created for the first time. The age of the eReader has dawned.”
So, be prepared. Don’t let you eReader go anonomously unadorned – dress it up with one-of-a-kind artwork! End of infocommercial – can’t wait for the interview.

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