Clay sent, joy returned

In the wonderful way of things, I just received a photo of a Spirit Doll from Ireland that brings me great joy.

I “met” the maker through my Etsy shop. Her name is Linda Newman, and she’s from Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Also, in the wonderful way of things, she has visited the studios in Mulranny where Lora Murphy hosts Painting with Fire.

Linda ordered some little clay faces from my Earthshards shop – when they arrived she wrote, “Your beautiful spirit doll faces arrived today. Across two countries and an ocean in perfect condition. They are all talking at once and I have tears to hear them!”

She told me a bit more about herself – it sounds like heaven.

“I’ve a little farm with loads animals n bee hives n gardens. Just time to LIVE now n get off the wheel.”

And then just two days ago, I received this photograph – look! And then read about the animals that make this creation so special, below.


Linda writes, “Her hair is Lambchop wool (Lambchop is her sheep), and a lock of mane from my dear pony Bobby, guinea feathers from Ethel, my intention is on a heart under the chamois dress. She is nesting in the child pepper wreath in my kitchen so I can see her every day.”

“She has a sharing of animals that were very dear to me. Lifting Bobby’s mane and burying my nose in his beautiful scent underneath was my treasure.  Mind you Ethel got a fright from a fox recently and has absconded to the neighbour’s woods. I had to retrieve her when I get back. Her husband Fred doesn’t seem to care she is living a field away. A modern relationship. I’d gathered those feathers after I cried n thought the fox got her. But she was too clever!”

I feel as if I know Bobby and Ethel and Fred and Lambchop. What a book that would make! Perhaps when Michelle Belto and I go to Ireland to teach next year at Mulranny, I can actually meet these rascals – and Linda, too!

Linda just asked, “I have a bag of washed n carded wool from my sheep Lambchop, which is a natural creamy colour but has little seeds and bits of dried plants still in it. Would you like some? I can send you some. Will make very interesting hair.”

Wow, yes!! Hair from Lambchop?? Lucky me – I can’t wait to see what that magical Irish wool will inspire. Thank you, Linda!

Life’s connections invite us to respond to them with a thrill of wonder – keep reaching out, keep connecting. You’ll receive joy in return.


18 thoughts on “Clay sent, joy returned

  1. Lyn, Such an amazing spirit doll & story of her creation by Linda. It would be fabulous if you could visit her & see her wonderful farm!

  2. What a beautiful and moving telling of the artistic path! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely, kindness filled moments with us, Lyn.

  3. That has to be near the top of the list for meaningful Spirit Dolls ever made.
    I love all of it but mostly sniffing under Bobby’s lock of mane. I can understand.
    I bury my nose in my 3 pups fur. My love for them and their aroma is very calming. Crazy? Maybe. But a good crazy.

    P.S. Linda, if you are ever in the United States, after visiting Lyn, come into my
    beloved desert and get artfully inspired. Guaranteed.

  4. I have never made a spirit doll and could never follow the inspiration put into this creation. Love the story. Thank you Lyn for sharing. So hearrtwarming on this day of remembrance. Enjoy your Irish wool!

  5. Great story, and it’s a twofer, she has a beautiful spirit Dallas, and you have lambs wool to play with and a new friend. Perfect

  6. Playing catch-up this morn on my emails and read this post about your very special gift from Ireland! What a thoughtful and dear way to share pieces of her life with you.
    I agree the animals would make a fun story book and what a lovely bond has been woven through your sacred spirit dolls! <3

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