Collage Workshop, Part Two – Pat Semmes’ Work

When my friend Pat Semmes attended the Epiphany collage and journaling workshop with me, she had not been involved in many hands-on art activities, but she had an instinctive feel for images and color, as you can see in her collage on the left. The original measures abour 12×21″ and is mounted to stand like a tryptich screen on the desk in her office. She also wrote a poem, below, that impressed and moved the group as much as her images did. You can read more about the workshop in this previous post.

Every Bird has his Day
by Pat Semmes

The lilies form patterns like Monet
On the lake of happiness.

Penguin beak up to the sky
Asking God’s grace
Through the ice and snow of life.

Life’s pattern is a circle –
Figures go round and round
In perpetual motion
As sun rise and sun set.
Sliding, gliding
Under water comfort.

The tree of life
Giving and taking and stretching out
Over ground nestled in ferns near its felled self.
Upside down images flowing
Like incense from the glass vase.

Circle of shapes –
Protect us on life’s journey

A Water Lily Lives …

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