Friday Freebie

Amazing! It’s a real object! I was working on some shard faces, and this one was just a little too big for a Spirit Doll and a little too small for a Scent Shard. It’s a lovely moon-silver face with a stretchy gold cord. All of you loyal blog subscribers are in the pot, and I’ll get a friend to draw a name tonight and then send everyone an email about who won. Will ship if you’re out of San Antonio, of course.

And just FYI (speaking of Spirit Dolls) – there’s just one spot left in the March 3rd Spirit Doll Workshop. My friend Karen Martin has donated a huge box of fabric swatches for us to use. If you want to grab this spot, I have a new easier-to-find PayPal page on my website, or just email me.

Thanks, and TGIF!!


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