Friday Freebie: Secret Skin Formula

Hazelnut OilSpeaking of aromatherapy, today’s freebie is my never-before-revealed aromatherapy formula for the best skin treatment. It really is nice, natural and effective – friends ask me to make it for them often and now you can make it for yourself – Ta Dah! It starts with Hazelnut Oil. You can order it from fancy spa sites, but guess what? You can buy it in the gourmet oil section of Central Market or Whole Foods for much less. And it’s food grade, so it’s very pure. I’m giving you two formulas, below, but the first one is my favorite. Essential Oil of Lavender is easy to find, Frankincense not so much (and it’s pricey). But lately I’ve just been using Lavender Oil on its own and its still wonderfully effective. Don’t mix it in larger quantities than two ounces, and don’t refrigerate it. This should last you at least a month, because you don’t need very much. It’s non-greasy and is especially good for your neck and eye area (don’t get it in your eyes!)

Here’s the formula – there’s lots of other information on the Chemaroma website that I share with Dr. Bill Kurtin. Happy Friday!


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