Getting a head for the new year . . .

December has been a blur of events small and large, good and challenging, planned and surprising. I try to deal with them when they pop up and feel as if I don’t have enough time to give them the thoughtfulness that they deserve. It’s been hard to keep my head on straight. So here’s a lesson I just re-learned about paying attention and trusting the process.

Yesterday, I was rushing past a little sculptural assemblage sitting on the worktable that was almost ready for the Art League Members Gallery show when it looked at me and stopped me in my tracks. It had been trying to get my attention for a month. It just wasn’t right.

“Yo,” it said. “My head does not belong here. It’s too big, too cramped, too complicated. – look around.” So I did, and right beside it, waiting patiently, was this rather imperfect head.

“Seriously?” I said. “Yep,” they both said. So I got out the strong snips and proceeded to do the deed. Gulp. Yikes.

The new head slipped into easily place. I could hear its sigh of relief. It’s just right – rustic, poignant, plain, endearing.

The other head has not found its place yet, but it’s not worried. It will. It’s happily trying out new bodies.

These small studio stories always cheer me up and remind me how deeply we are connected with the art we make. We do indeed trust the process, but our artwork also trusts us to pay attention to it and do what’s right.

I am so looking forward to 2023 – lots of new things happening, and with any luck, I can keep my head on straight and appreciate it all! See you in the new year!

28 thoughts on “Getting a head for the new year . . .

  1. Surely, Lyn, every piece you’ve ever put your hand to is blessed with its very own personality, voice and mission! Thanks so much for sharing that conversation. We could all benefit by including more pauses and listenings in our lives

  2. It is always fun to listen to our art pieces. The do talk to us and if we listen it usually helps solve a problem. I love to listen when I am creating.
    I love what you do and I like the new head better also.
    May you have a healthy, happy, blessed New Year!

  3. Lyn, I so love your posts & often your stories are “just right” for where I am. My December was also a mixed bag & I am working hard to count every blessing & learn every lesson that presents itself. As Dave Berry said about 2022, “It could have been worse”. Hi , we only had 2 days without running water…
    Here’s to many good things to come in 2023.

  4. Wow! I thought the piece was perfect as it was…and then when you added the new head-OMGosh! Truly it did belong there and I swear it looks so contented and happy!
    Thank you for this lesson, I need to walk away more, come back and listen,,,
    Many blessing to you in the new year Lyn!

  5. Thank you so much for your blog! I really miss it when you don’t post very often…it really brightens my day! Am taking the Kimono class online and loving every minute of it…I love all your work!!

  6. Deborah, thanks – one of new new year’s resolutions is to try to write more often. It honestly helps me sort out my thoughts. I so appreciate you. So glad you like the kimono class!

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