Herbs and Shards

The Herb Market was a trip! I had never done a show like that before with tables and lots of vendor rules and big crowds. The emphasis was on herbs (naturally), so I took some Scent Shards, the new little Sprig Shards, and the small dishes with bees on them.
Well! The Sprig Shards *sold out* in an hour – one woman bought 23 of them. I hope she has a lot of friends (or sprigs). Almost all of the Scent Shards and little dishes sold as well. It was amazing.
I absolutely couldn’t have done it without the help of my dear friend Maria Luhrman, who manned the cash box, talked to everyone and kept them interested, and even gave me the best homemade granola bar I’ve ever eaten. Thank you, Maria!! Here are some photos (thanks to Mike for taking these)

 Maria and I set up the stuff – shard city!
 Lookin’ good . . .
 I have some new and different finishes on the little faces
The people start to arrive – the guy on the right says, “Hey, there are some Scent Shards!” OK, not really.
But there was a feeding frenzy for quite a while – wow. And almost everything was sold. What an afternoon. I’m so grateful to the Herb Market committee for inviting me.

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