Hyatt Show and Display

Yesterday’s show was an interesting one, and I did sell a number of Shards and two shard collage pins. It was primarily a children’s event, however, held in conjunction with a tree lighting and a visit with Santa, complete with real reindeer on the lawn of the Hyatt Resort. Most vendors seemed disappointed that the art show was not the featured event, but more of a walk-through on the way to Santa’s place. But it was fun.

I got an idea for display table pieces that I’ll use when I do another craft show – it’s a folding book, the same model as the Kindle covers, but larger, and with one simple image on it. The image is a photo by Julia Cameron, the 19th century photographer whose work I’m so fond of. The “book” stands up and a rectangular black vase fits inside to hole dried flowers. There’s a small Velcro’d box at the bottom edge for business cards. I can put a magnetic pin on the front. Here’s the idea, and here’s a photo from the show set-up.

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