Inspiration: Sherrill Kahn

Yesterday morning I went to a meeting of the Fiber Artists of San Antonio. My friend Vicki Siptak invited me because she thought I’d like the presenter, nationally-known multimedia artist Sherrill Kahn – not only did I like her, I want to BE her! Her work is so inspiring and gloshershe shares her techniques and thoughts in a totally open way. Gloria Hill went with me – Gloria was lucky enough to purchase one of Sherrill’s beautiful multimedia fabric pieces.

Sherrill teaches all over the world. She and I talked about the possibility of having her come back to San Antonio in the fall. I would love to host two or three workshops at the Studio in August, so stay tuned. Talking with her just reinforced my decision to work for a while on smaller pieces – here’s the first one in a new Guardian series, still not finished, but on its way.

guardianPS – Congrats to Ana Kurland who won the subscriber’s Friday Freebie journal!!



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