It’s the little things . . .

This wasn’t the post I intended to write this week. Instead, it’s just a short “thank-you” note – to myself!!

Take a look at this photo. It won’t mean much to anybody but me.

This is the work table in my small studio area off the kitchen. Yesterday evening it looked like this . . . . . .

It had been a loooo-oong day. I finished filming two hours of workshop videos for Painting With Fire, editing and uploading them. I also did some assemblage work in the middle of this mess that was left over from Art Stroll projects.

I wanted to go to bed!! But the Good Angel in my tired old brain said, “clean it up – you won’t be sorry.”  Sigh.

It took about ten sleepy minutes to put stuff away – not a great job, but enough to make me smile when I walked in this morning, coffee in hand, ready to work on a big clay commission. I could actually see the surface of the table!

If there is any message to this, it’s be kind to yourself! Even if you are feeling tired and grumpy, straighten up your mess just as if you were working in somebody else’s studio so you can be ready for the morning.  Put things back where you will find them the next time you look for them. You will thank yourself later.

Oh, and speaking of Painting with Fire, next Wednesday my lesson called Myth and Mist airs. If you are a member of PWF, look for it. I talk about telling stories that are veiled in beeswax and other media using this layered collage encaustic painting as one of the examples. It recounts a myth about crows and dragonflies:

And if you’re not aware of Painting With Fire, it’s never to late to join this amazing year-long encaustic extravaganza! You will even learn how to master encaustic without messing up your studio.

Well. . . . .maybe not that last part . . .



5 thoughts on “It’s the little things . . .

  1. “It’s the little things” rings true for so much in life—profoundly so sometimes.

    PWF sounds wonderful, and perhaps before too long I’ll sign up. In the meantime we very much enjoy your piece “I’ll Fly Away” (shown above) and it’s story.

  2. Me too! Ages ago learned this lesson after leaving party dishes to soak overnight. Eventually extended it to work spaces and cleaning house before leaving on a trip. Such a simple gift to give oneself with such a wonderful payoff! Thanks so much for mentioning it.

  3. I have been waiting almost all year for your section on PWF! EVen though I own most of your online classes, I’m sure your section will blow me away as usual. You are a terrific instructor, you know.

  4. Lyn, I just watched your painting with fire lesson and I was blown away by the Myth and Mist theme. You are so talented and Have inspired me to try this encaustic adventure. I am an acrylic artist and use collage in my work so this is going to be an exciting leap.

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