Last-minute Friday Freebie

*Dear* Shards Subscribers,

I was so involved at the Studio today, working on wrist malas and prayer flags for Sunday’s workshop, that I almost forgot the Friday Freebie. So as a natural extension of that, the freebie will be a wrist mala for meditation that I will make for you. It won’t be fancy, but it will be made with love ♥. And if you’d rather make it for yourself, I’ll give you the beads and cord and instructions.

Because I’m so late with this, I’ll wait until Sunday after the workshop to draw the name from all the awesome Shards subscribers. And (ahem) we still have two spaces left in the workshop, so if you sign up, you can join us at the Studio and watch me make your mala! Send me an email if you want to come – it should be fun. Happy weekend!



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