Meeting Designer Linda Moody

Linda and I “met” through Etsy – she ordered some shard faces and then did wonderful things with them. Check out her shop, NeeNee and CheeChee’s Beaded Things (and I found out over a face-to-face lunch where that name came from). She came with her husband to San Antonio for a business trip. He usually flies, but this time they drove just so she and I could meet in person – it was fun.
Linda wore a piece I’d featured on my blog before – it’s even more stunning in person:

Here we are at Milano’s (she’s wearing that necklace) – Linda was the guest and I was the driver, but she did a fine job of picking a lunch spot when I got lost – in my own home town! Thanks, Linda, for a great visit and I look forward to seeing you and Cindy in December.

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