New! Workshop eBooks! First one coming soon!

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One of the most frustrating things that has happened since I downsized my studio last year is having to tell friends that the workshops are sold out. I mean, it’s sorta good, since it means that people like them (yay, thanks!!) but I want to share some of my favorite workshops, old and new, with everybody.

The other really nice thing that has happened is that I’m being asked to come do workshops in far-away places that I can’t easily arrange. Penny from Australia recently emailed after seeing my Talisman workshop with Joanna Powell Colbert:   “What would it take to get you to Perth to take a class or two??? Maybe I can arrange it….I’d love to make the talisman. They are wonderful!”

So here’s what I decided – what if I take the workshops to YOU? I have to plan them and do demos beforehand anyway, so I might as well video them while I’m doing it. They’ll be fun for people who can’t get into the in-person workshops (like Penny), and they will be a good review for those who have already worked with me. And they’d be cheaper than the in-person workshops.

I got to work, and TAH DAH – here’s a preview of the first Lyn Belisle Workshop eBook! This one is based on the class I did for Joanna in Washington:


This one is almost finished. It has eight sections of step-by-step instructions and photos on making the mixed-media Talisman. It has eight short Vimeo videos of me showing you how to do stuff (including my usual goofy comments). And it has resources on where to get everything you need for the workshop.

page 2

I’ll sell the eBook for $18 at my Etsy shop, the same place that I sell the Behind the Veil: Beeswax and Collage Book. And if some of the materials that are optional for the eBook project are at my Etsy shop, there will be a discount for those. For example, the Talisman Faces usually sell for $13 a pair, but if you buy the eBook, you can get the “special bookie” price of $7 a pair. (Those faces are all sold out at moment, but I plan to make more when  the eBook becomes an international best seller and the demand for shard faces skyrockets – YAHAHA. )

OK, back to reality – this is an experiment, I’m having fun with it, and I hope you like the idea. As far as this book’s availability, it should be finished by this coming Monday.

If it’s a success, I’ll plan on more Lyn Belisle Workshop eBooks in the very near future, probably starting with the NeoSanto Workshop so you’ll get to join in the fun even if it is sold out.


So what do you think? Thoughts? Suggestions? Dire warnings?? Thanks, as always, for following me on SHARDS, and stay tuned for the Talisman Workshop eBook release on Monday!



25 thoughts on “New! Workshop eBooks! First one coming soon!

  1. WONDERFUL! I’m going to order every one you produce. 🙂 Thanks for all your inspiration and generosity with sharing your creative self.

  2. Yaaaaaaayyy!! I love your work and I’m signing up for both of your classes this year at Artful gathering. Count me in on the e-books, too! Excited!

  3. Terrific idea(s)! I’m aready to sign up for the taliesman e-book right this very minute and neosantos as soon as it’s available. As always, Lyn, you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the creative future!

  4. I would LOVE this since I am no longer in Texas. And, if you need a helper for your trip to Perth, I have been and would love to return. I am available on very short notice! Lol, Sheri Lenora

  5. I agree completely with your entire fan club…this is a stellar idea and would allow you to have a MUCH larger audience. I am really excited to see you taking that step…so many of us live to far away to actually get to your hands-on workshops. I would love to see you creating one for your “Postcards to Myself” workshop. Everything you do is so very creative and amazing! So delighted you are doing this…Monika is right…prepare for international success…you have a lot of admirerer’s.

  6. I think this is a fabulous idea, Lyn! I live here in San Antonio and have always found it difficult to get into your workshops – they were always “Sold Out”! With the E-book Workshops, everyone (including me) can participate, whether we live near or far. Or, whether there are 10 or 10 thousand attendees (I’m thinking positive). YAY!!

  7. This e workshop sounds wonderful to me. As a BIG fan of Artful gatherings workshops, all I can say is HURRAY!

    I will be signing up as soon as your workshops are available!

    Paula Sorensen

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