Painting with Gloria

gloI love painting with Gloria Hill – we’ve been doing it long enough (on Wednesdays for several years) that we’re comfortable with critiquing each other’s work and giving suggestions without judgment.

Pretty cool – and what’s also cool is that we learned today that both of us had our paintings accepted into the juried San Antonio Art League Annual Exhibit. It’s notoriously competitive, but I had two of my three pieces accepted and Gloria – tah dah – had all three of her paintings accepted! That’s rare. I am so proud of her! You just never know with jurors, but we couldn’t be happier with this one (Michael David Leslie, who is the Curator of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). The opening reception is on April 12th, so come see the Lyn and Glo show 🙂

So besides congratulating ourselves until we got silly, we had a great painting session this afternoon. For once, I remembered to take photos, and I put them together in a little video. It’s always interesting to me to see how paintings develop – here’s how our work went this afternoon. Both Gloria and I were pretty pleased with the end results (although they may not be totally finished – ya never know).

4 thoughts on “Painting with Gloria

  1. Beautifully done..I love working side by side with a woman’s a catalyst for both our creativilty. Great to see your paintings evolve.

  2. Inspiration is flowing from the two of you. Congratulations on the pieces accepted for the show. When do we get to see pictures of the pictures??

  3. Lyn, thank you for your recent comments about my work. I am so glad I found you. Your little videos are an inspiration and though I have not met you I feel a kinship from far away. It is a bit lonely here in the central Mn since there is no one to share the experience of creating, so I vicariously use you and all your video experiences as part of my art world. Hummm.. sounds sad. It’s not, I find this a fun experience. Thank you again, Lyn.

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