Pat’s Unconstricted Boa

Yesterday afternoon I was at the Studio getting ready for the Seeing Art San Antonio tour (which was great fun) when my friend Pat Schulz dropped by to show me her beautiful prayer flags and a most remarkable boa. Here’s a photo of Pat modelling her creation – take a look and see if you can guess what she used to construct this amazing piece of fiber art:

patboaGive up? Pat constructed this from used Olay facial washcloths that had been dyed by Laura Pitts. She stacked, cut and stitched hundreds and hundreds of layers over many hours. The texture is remarkable and the colors are subtle and rich. And it is loooooooong – I love this kind of ingenuity! She calls the piece “Olé” because she couldn’t get permission from the Olay people to use their trade name.  I think “Olé” is a fine name because the piece looks like a fiber Fiesta. Viva Pat!


2 thoughts on “Pat’s Unconstricted Boa

  1. I was fortunate to be at the studio when she showed Lyn her work. Both were fabulous and I am so glad I was able to be there to see the real works.

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