Re-Coverie Journals

Funny name, but these little journals are the result of several friends’ advice urging me to reproduce my original journal and kindle designs. These “Re-Coverie” journals (appropriate name in many ways) are traditional chapbook construction which feature a color scan of the original designs. The smaller version, little journals that are 5×7″, are sewn with elastic metallic cord so that the “tail” of the book can be pulled over as a closure. My friend Gina gave me good advice on trimming the pages. I’m happy with the results, plus it’s a good way for me to keep track of my original designs from now on.
In the first photo, you can see the original covers with their Re-Coverie Journal counterparts, and in the last one you can see the inside of the journals with a library card on the left side for notes and cards and an explanation of the design on the right side. These will sell (I’m hoping) for about $10.
What is it about spring that gets creative ideas running rampant?

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