Saved by Tim’s Oriental Grocery and joss paper

I’d been in a creative slump, probably because my studio is so disrupted by construction outside (and a busy mid-term schedule at school) – until I remembered that my friend Jessie Voigts of Wandering Educators told me to find an Asian market and check out their joss paper. Then another friend I saw at the herb Market today mentioned Tim’s Oriental Grocery just outside of the city and said they had lots of such paper, so off I went. Well! In the far back corner of the store I found an amazing selection of packets of all kinds of joss paper with lovely prints, foils, incense and candles – beautifully printed and reverently put together in bundles. I brought home an armful of these lovely materials for less than $15. It’s inspiration time again!

And then there was the food – just the packages made me swoon. Tim’s was a great discovery – just when you think you know everything about your city, someone helps you discover something new!
Here’s an online review of Tim’s from one visitor:
Probably the only place in San Antonio for Asian groceries.. well, the biggest and most well known anyways. I love going here. On weekends, they have bbq pork, roast duck, and roast pork hanging for you to select and buy. Never tried the duck, but the bbq pork and esp roast pork is DELICIOUS! So crunchy. They have frozen dumplings that I would literally die if I could not buy every week. And of course the spicy dumpling sauce to go with it! They have fresh veggies not available at HEB such as Chinese brocolli and Hollow vegetable. Lots of candies and sweets and chips from all over Asia. Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. Some days I just go in there and not buy anything. It’s just that fun.


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