Shard Face Workshops in January and February

At the open studio yesterday, several people asked about the workshops and took home brochures. They saw the necklaces that Ann Pearce had made from the shard faces and wondered how they could make their own. I promised I’d post the link to the new schedule and the printable brochure, and here it is:
There’s a PayPal button at the bottom if you want to reserve a spot in advance. As usual there is a limit of six participants. It really is fun – you get to play with clay and then see your pieces after firing.

My friend Maria just happened to send a note this morning about her own blog in which she talks about my workshop that she attended – it’s the same one I’m offering twice this time because so many people asked for it. Here’s what she said, and here’s a photo of the very cool necklace she put together with the shards that she made herself during the workshop – thanks, Maria! Timely posting 🙂

I haven’t taken any classes just for me in quite some time.  So I took a class with Lyn Belisle. She is a fabulous artist in San Antonio. We made the shards in her class and then the following week went to Anne Pearces and put the necklaces together!  It was so much fun!


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