Smell Good, Paint Good

bath_saltYes, you too can do this in July! Even the smelling part – the July workshops at the Studio are posted and ready for action. And the first one is something different. It’s an Aromatherapy Spa workshop on Wednesday evening, July 10. Here’s the description:

I’ve taught classes in Aromatherapy since 1990 and would love to show you how to make your own beautiful, natural spa products using essential oils. You’ll take home bath salts, lotions, and linen spray as well as formulas and methods for extending your knowledge of aromatherapy.”

This should be really fun – and there’s a bit of art in learning how to do some creative packaging, especially with the bath salt envelopes.

sumiBUT, WAIT! There’s more. Another new workshop (Wednesday, July 17, 6-8) involves the ancient Asian arts of Sumi-e and Gyotaku. I taught these two techniques for years at workshops for art teachers. Come discover the serenity of Becoming One With the Bamboo and Playing With Dead Fish! This is one of those “you’ll amaze yourself” workshops. You’ll even get to take home your own Sumi-e brushes.

The last two workshops are popular favorites with a twist – I’ve learned a new Spirit Doll wrapping technique and look forward to sharing it with you on Sunday, July 21. And if you’re hankering to play in the mud again, I’m offering a clay workshop on shard faces and small adornments (I’ll fire them for you) on Sunday, July 28th.

All of the links are on my website, and there’s the Paypal page which is ready to take your loot. As usual, the tuition is a mere $55, all materials included – just show up and create, limit eight lucky souls.  I’ll be sending this out to my mailing list but wanted SHARDS subscribers to get the word first.

Hope to see you this weekend at the Pablo Solomon event! That’s all, Folks . . . .♥Lyn


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