Viva Fiesta! Viva Friends!

Our Fiesta Show and Sale was fantastic (nice alliteration :)). Being with Lesta, Jan and Alison is such a treat, and their work is wonderful. It was great to talk to everyone who came. I met some of the *nicest* people. Here’s a photo of the happy artists:

Alison, Lesta, Lyn and Jan

Alison, Lesta, Lyn and Jan

Before I say goodnight and thanks, here are a couple of reminders about upcoming events- the Spirit Box Workshop is next Sunday from 3-5 and there are two spaces left, and Hildegard, Art and Soul Journey with Michelle Belto is the following weekend. That will be the most remarkable event at the Studio so far, I’m predicting. Email me with any questions. OK, this happy artist is going to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. See you soon!

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