Wash Your Brushes, Make Your Bed

catbed_edited-1Shards of wisdom, free of charge – these two five-minute practices will make your  life much happier. They are little gifts to yourself.

No matter how tired you are, wash you paint brushes before you go to bed. And do not even *think* about leaving them in the water because “the paint won’t dry and I can do it later”. You *know* it will ruin the bristles eventually. For you non-painters, this means straightening up your mess, however minimally – line up your tools, put the top back on the glue – YOU know what I mean.

No matter how rushed or sleepy you are in the morning, make your bed. Tuck in the sheets, fluff up your pillow. You’ll get on with your day and forget that you did it, but at night when you’re ready for bed, you’ll smile and say, “I loved me enough to prepare a smooth and comfy place to sleep.” If you have had a bad day, you’ll appreciate it even more. And you’ll sleep much better.

Just to show you that I practice what I preach, here’s a photo of my brushes that I washed last night, almost didn’t, but did it anyway – boy, was I happy this morning when I went into the studio (after making my bed) to see clean brushes ready for a fresh start! It’s the little, free things in life that you do for yourself that make you want to make others happy. So, Happy Wednesday! 

Actual clean brushes in a semi-clean mason jar

Actual clean brushes in a semi-clean mason jar


3 thoughts on “Wash Your Brushes, Make Your Bed

  1. Love it! Definitely spot-on sweet things to do for yourself right up there with ALWAYS putting your scissors back in the same place after each use!

  2. Along w cleanse your face – advice from your personal consultant. You’ll appreciate that one the next day & for years to come! 🙂

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