You light up my life?

When I returned from my short trip to Colorado, Michael presented me with an early Christmas gift that he found at El Mercado, San Antonio’s Mexican Market. He said there was only one like it, and It’s definitely unique! It’s a mini-shrine to the Virgin Mary (I’m assuming) that is a concave image – but when the Christmas light bulb underneath the face is turned on, it appears three-dimensional. Check it out:vir2

When you look at the lighted image from the side, the eyes kind of follow you – it really does look rather eerie, but cool.vir1

But the *very* coolest part is that I can use it as a Face Shard mold. Strangely enough, the face that results from pressing into the shrine (below) doesn’t look a lot like the lighted image!vir4 Spooky.

Too bad, though, if you wanted a similar gift – I seem to have gotten the only Light-Up 3-D Illusion Virgin in the whole Mexican Market. You can, however, have a face made from this amazing object if you play your cards right.


8 thoughts on “You light up my life?

  1. Hope you had a nice trip. My last trip to Colorado was very restorative for my soul. Reminds me I need to get out in nature more.

  2. It is of Our Lady of Guadalupe also known as Our Lady of the Americas. it is amazing how when you made the face mold the face changes love it! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. The original as well as the shard seem to have lives of their own. How wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing her in your artwork.
    I recently purchased a smart tv. What fun to watch your Youtube video’s on a large screen. Your studio, the workshops you have, the art work you do are such an inspiration. On my bucket list is the wish to spend a couple months in your location…. visiting your studio. taking classes, working on my art, and absorbing the culture you are surrounded with. After the hoildays I plan to ” see ” you at Roses On My Table. Merry Christmas, Lyn.

  4. What a wonderful gift from your husband!!!!!!!!!!! I love the face shard. It is strange how different they both are from each other. I also can’t wait to see her face in your artwork. Merry Christmas! Linda

  5. Isn’t it wonderful how the mysteries of perception & context can pop up to challenge our notion that we really know what we’re seeing. My hand is on the deck. Will the first card be the Queen of Cups?

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