A brief Boston blessing?

I’m back in Boston for a short visit to celebrate Independence Day, and security is very high in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Streets are closed, police are very evident, and no one is allowed onto the Esplanade without a search. There is still an air of celebration everywhere, but it is tinged with the recent memory of the Marathon bombings. I was a little nervous walking across the park this afternoon, wishing we could all feel a bit safer, when I looked down on the path at a smallish metal strip that caught my eye. I picked it up and turned it over. It was a winged St. Christopher medal that said, “Behold St. Christopher, medaland go your way in safety.” Even someone like me who lists her religious preference as “eclectic” can smile at such a find – here’s a photo of the medal – so I’m wishing all of you a happy and SAFE 4th of July!!:


5 thoughts on “A brief Boston blessing?

  1. It really was amazing – he’s here siting beside my coffee cup. I need to figure out how to incorporate him into a work of art. Ideas?

    • Can you make shards from the medal – use them to make necklaces, pins or good luck pieces to carry or wear when traveling.

  2. He whispered to me that he would like to be in a very special Kindle/Journal Cover which is displayed on a stand.

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